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  1. phylum class order ??
    • phylum arthropoda 
    • class insecta 
    • order diptera
  2. whats the relevant genera
    • calliphora spp 
    • lucilla spp
    • phormia spp
  3. both names of genera for flies
    • capilloria spp -- bluebottles 
    • lucilia spp----green bottles 
    • phormia spp---- blackbottles 
    • all blowflies
  4. what is myasis??
    it is the infestation of the animal with the  larvae of  dipteran flies
  5. what type of parasites are flies??
    they are temporary faculative parasites as they can live without the presence of a host and can survive on decomposing meat dairy products etc.
  6. is every cycle  of the fly parasitic?
    no just the larvae are parasitic
  7. what animals are affected
    all animals are affected notably sheep and rabbits
  8. features of an adult
    • winged insects 1pair of wings 1 pair of modified legs for balance 3 pairs of legs
    • up to 1cm long 1 antennae thoracic bristles
    • metallic sheen green blue black
  9. appearance of larvae
    • pale colour
    • 10-14cm long
    • anterior hooks for attachment
  10. lifecycle of flies
    complete metamorphosis
  11. lifecycle of flies
    • adult is attracted by smell,humidity of faeces exuding wounds discharges
    • lays eggs on the host tissue
    • Blow = laying eggs
    • Larvae hatch within 12 hours MAGGOTS
    • 2 moults within 3 days
    • detach and pupate on the ground
    • adult emerges in 1 week
    • adult lifespan can be up to one month
  12. can pupae overwinter in soil
  13. how many generations are possible in 1 summer
  14. another word for myasis
    blowfly strike
  15. what attracts adult flies
    • wounds
    • soiled areas with urine or faeces
    • diarrohea
    • secretions in skin folds esp around genitialia of rabbits
  16. what can develop from blowflystrike
    septicaemia or toxemia in severe cases get quickly depressed and become anerexic
  17. treatment and control
    • remove all narcotic dead tissue and all larvae
    • clip and clean entire area
    • analgesia and antibiotic treatment
    • treat underlying problem

    • prevention
    • rear guard in rabbits
    • xenex in small mammals
    • regular inspection for soiled areas
    • fly proof area
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