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  1. Antipasto
    Italian cured meats,fresh cheeses and preserved vegetables.
  2. Mussels Fra Diavlo
    PEI Mussels, quick fired in house tomato sause with red wine, garlic, crushed red pepper & basil. Served with crusty italian bread. Also available, white wine, garlic,basil and fresh tomatos.
  3. Classic Tomato Bruschettav
    Grilled Ciabatta topped with ripe tomatoes, Opal basil and fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinegarette.
  4. 900 Meatballs
    Classic Italian meatballs in our house tomato sauce. A simple dish served with crusty Italian bread. Add mozzarella – $1.50
  5. Rustic Garlic Bread
    loaded with fresh garlic, oregano, Grana Padano, and extra virgin olive oil. Served with our house sauce and fresh mozzarella
  6. Hummus Plate
    Imported chickpeas blended with a chef’s selection of herbs and spices. Served with crispy veggies and homemade pita.
  7. Tuscan Spicy Wings
    Jumbo chicken wings marinated with crushed Italian peppers, garlic & herbs, served with parmesan peppercorn dipping sause.
  8. Cheese Plate Sampler
    Sliced Fontina, creamy Roquefort, Baby Swiss, & herbed Boursin cheese served with nuts, fresh fruit, fig jam and grilled ciabatta.
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