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  1. California battery intiaitive
    • AB2514
    • 1.3 GW of grid storage: by 2020
    • DOE target: $250/kWh for advanced energy storage
    • Stem: has signed up customers for a collective 6 MW of installed storage systems in CA
    • Short duration requirements: (by preventing power spikes in fifteen-minute intervals) is something that a lithium-ion battery can do without having to deplete itself and thus shorten its lifespan.
    • Consumer economic drivers for pairing storage with solar: 1) emergency backup power, 2) TOU price arbitrage, 3) playing into ancillary services markets as revenue streams
    • Grid economics: ancillary services -- namely, frequency regulation -- remain the primary economic driver for grid-scale storage today
    • Texas grid operator ERCOT is looking at creating a new ancillary services program, known as Fast Responding Regulation Service
    • California’s Self Generation Incentive Program: which offers incentives for a wide array of customer-sited energy technology CA RPS of 33% with possible raise to 50% storage connected at the transmission level has the highest procurement target (700 MW), followed by storage at the distribution level (425 MW), and then customer-sited storage (200 MW). There is significant flexibility to shift procurement targets by as much as 80 percent between transmission and distribution grid domains, yet the initial breakdown remains perplexing in light of recent market trends with storage.

  2. Hu Honua Bioenergy Facility
    • SEO List: 4
    • Dec. 20 2013: the PUC approved HECLO’s 21.5 MW PPA with Hu Honua 
    • $0.253/ kWh ($253/mWh) purchase price: over a 20-year term 
    • The PUC commended the project’s cost-effectiveness and stated that the project would save NPV $40M over the course of the contract. 
    • Although the purchase price is higher than the current cost of producing electricity from oil, HELCO estimates that the price will be lower than long-run avoided costs
    • Location: on the site of the former Hilo Coast Power Co. in Pepeekeo
    • The facility was originally fired with sugarcane bagasse, but operated as a coal-fired power plant under the Hilo Coast Processing Co. when
    • sugar production ceased in 1994. The facility produced power using coal for a decade.
    • Feedstock: locally-grown biomass, such as eucalyptus meet approximately 10% of the power demand on Hawaii’s Big Island
  3. Cable between Maui and Oahu
    • PUC public meeting on Maui Jan 23
    • SEO: the proposed grid connection could result in a savings of $423 million for ratepayers over a 30-year period
  4. Kalaeloa Renewable Energy Park
    • 5 MW, utility-scale solar park was successfully tested and commissioned on November 22, 2013
    • sits on a 20-acre property adjacent to the Barbers Point Golf Course in the community of Kalaeloa
    • 21,000 photovoltaic (PV) panels will generate around 9 million kWh/year, enough to power 1,000 homes
    • Hanwha Q CELLS USA owns the Park, with sale-leaseback financing through PNC Bank
  5. HELCO purchase of Aina Koa Pono-produced biofuel
    • December 27, 2013
    • It's the second time in two years state regulators rejected Hawaii Electric Light Co.'s plan to buy 16 million gallons/year
    • The utility proposed a surcharge that would add 90 cents a month to a typical residential Big Island bill and $1.08 for an Oahu residential bill.
    • Aina Koa Pono will still proceed with its plans for a $450 million biofuel facility
    • Kenton Eldridge, company co-founder and chairman
  6. Honolulu Airport Emergency Power
    • SEO List: 1
    • Developer: State Department of Transportation, HECO
    • Technology: Biofuel
    • Electricity: 10MW
    • Status: The State Department of Transportation (DOT) is constructing a new
    • Emergency Power Facility (EPF) for Honolulu International Airport. The EPF will use four generators to provide up to 10 MW of electrical power to the airport in the event of a major emergency or natural disaster.
    • HECO will also be able to use the EPF for up to 1,500 hours per year to provide power to customers.
    • In 2011, HECO signed a contract with Pacific Biodiesel to provide renewable fuel for the facility.
  7. Green Energy Agricultural Biomass
    • SEO List: 2
    • Developer: Green Energy Team, LLC
    • Technology: Biomass
    • Location: Koloa, Kauai
    • Electricity: 6.7 MW
    • Description: Locally grown eucalyptus, albizia, and other agricultural waste will be used as biomass fuel to generate enough renewable electricity to power 8,500 Kauai households.
  8. Honua Power Project
    • SEO List: 3
    • Developer: Honua Technologies
    • Technology: WTE
    • Location: Kapolei
    • Electricity: 6.6 MW
    • Description: Honua Power will create enough
    • firm renewable energy to provide nearly 1% of Oahu's electricity needs by gasifying biomass that would have been deposited into Oahu’s commercial landfill. This will amount to a reduction of 124,000 tons of waste per year from the landfill.
  9. Hawaii BioEnergy Integrated Biorefinery
    • SEO List: 5
    • Developer: Hawaii BioEnergy
    • Tech: Biofuel
    • Location: Kauai/Hawaii 
    • Size: 20,000,000 gallons
    • Status: Planning
  10. Anahola Solar
    • SEO List: 6
    • Developer: Homestead Community
    • Tech: Solar
    • Location: Anahola Kauai
    • Size: 12 MW
    • Description: Developed by REC Solar, the project is being undertaken by the Homestead Community Development Corporation in partnership with KIUC on 53 acres of land owned by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. The $50M project will provide up to 100 construction jobs and will be one of the largest solar facilities in Hawaii when completed.
  11. Koloa (KRS2) Solar Project
    • SEO List: 7
    • Developer: KIUC, Grove 
    • Tech: Solar
    • Location: Koloa Kauai
    • Size: 12 MW
    • Description: This KIUC project is being built on 67 acres leased from Grove Farm in Koloa. SolarCity is the contractors. The $50m project will provide up to 100 construction jobs and will be one of the largest solar facilitates in Hawaii when completed.
  12. IC Sunshine Solar Project
    • SEO List: 8
    • Developer: IC Sunshine, SunEdison, Axio
    • Tech: Solar
    • Location: Kapolei Oahu
    • Size: 5 MW
    • Description: The IC Sunshine Solar project is a proposed fixed-tilt solar farm to be developed on a 20-acre parcel of industrial land in Campbell Industrial Park on Oahu.
  13. AKP Kau Renewable Fuel Facility
    • SEO List: 9
    • Developer: Aina Koa Pono
    • Tech: Biofuel
    • Location: Kau Hawaii
    • Size: 24 MGY
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Aina Koa Pono would produce between 3,000 and 5,000 gallons of liquid fuel per acre per year, suitable as a substitute for petroleum fuels in power plants or transportation.
  14. Phycal Algae Pilot Project
    • SEO List: 10
    • Developer: Phycal Inc.
    • Tech: Biofuel
    • Location: Wahiawa Oahu
    • Size: 0.15 MGY
    • Status: Planning
    • Phycal proposes to develop a pilot biofuel facility on 34 acres near
    • Wahiawa, with alge as the primary feedstock under consideration.
  15. Maui Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project
    • JUMPSmartMaui project
    • Hitachi with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute Inc.
    • Demonstrate smart grid technologies that will enable the efficient use of renewable energy and contribute to the implementation of a low-carbon social infrastructure system in island regions 
    • Dec. 2013 to March 2015
    • Renewable energy accounted for 21% of the total energy supply on Maui in 2012
    • Hitachi says that it has established an EV Energy Control Center and has already put in place a distribution management system to control power distribution systems in the Kihei district on the south side of Maui and the Energy Management System–Plus. The company notes that the goal is to control the balance of supply and demand in electric power systems and support the efficient operations of renewable energy. These systems also incorporate direct load control technology for the direct control of devices in users’ homes, which was introduced in order to minimize the effects of fluctuations in the supply of renewable energy, Hitachi adds.
    • To date, Hitachi had already confirmed approximately 150 volunteers as users of EV, and confirmed approximately 40 residential households interested in participating in control demonstration using electric water heaters. In order to promote further demonstration, the company plans to secure 200 volunteers as EV users and 40 volunteer user households in total. Already, 20 EV charging stands have been installed at five existing rapid EV charging stations, and there are plans to establish a total of 20 charging stations in the future.
  16. Na Pua Makani Wind Project
    • SEO List: 12
    • Developer: Champlin Hawaii Wind Holdings LLC
    • Tech: Wind
    • Location: Kahuku Oahu
    • Size: 45 MW
    • 20-year term PPA
    • Dec 2013 application to PUC for 24 MW
    • also is asking the regulators to approve an above-ground 46-kilovolt line extension in Northeast Oahu that would be interconnected to the wind farm
    • Leases 232 acres owned by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources and 345 acres owned by Maleakahana Hui West
    • two phases, with the first phase having eight wind turbines and the second phase adding another six turbines
  17. FIT
    • September 2009: the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) issued a
    • decision that established a feed-in tariff in Hawaii.
    • Not offered by KIUC (not investor-owned)
    • The rates for the feed-in tariff, schedule, and standard interconnection agreements were approved on October 13, 2010.
    • This program will be reviewed by the PUC two years after the start of the program and every three years thereafter.
    • The FIT for Tiers 1 and 2 opened November 17, 2010 for HECO and November 24, 2010 for HELCO and MECO.
    • Rates for Tier 3 were approved November 22, 2011 and revised tariffs were filed by December 30, 2011.
    • Currently, in-line hydropower's eligibility for Tier 3 has been deferred.
    • Concentrating solar power Tier 3 projects are capped at 33% of the aggregate feed-in tariff cap for each of the HECO companies.
    • Tier 1 includes all islands and technologies where the project is less than or equal to 20 kilowatts-AC (kW-AC) in capacity.
    • Tier 2 includes systems sized greater than 20 kW-AC and less than or equal to: 100 kW-AC for on-shore wind and in-line hydropower on all islands; 100 kW-AC for PV and CSP on Lanai and Molokai; 250 kW-AC for PV on Maui and Hawaii; 500 kW-AC for CSP on Maui and Hawaii; and 500 kW-AC for PV and CSP on Oahu.
    • Tier 3 covers all systems larger than the Tier 2 caps, up to 5 megawatts-AC (MW-AC) on Oahu and 2.72 MW-AC on Maui and Hawaii. Wind projects on Maui and Hawaii are subject to the Tier 2 caps.
  18. Schofield Generating Station Project
    • Developer: Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
    • Technology: Biofuel
    • SEO Rank: 11
    • Location: Wahiawa, Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 50 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Hawaiian Electric intends to own and operate a 50 MW biofuel capable power plant located on the United States Army's Schofield Barracks. The facility will normally generate power for all Hawaiian Electric customers. Under emergency conditions, it can serve as an independent source of power for Army facilities in the area.
  19. Maui County Landfill Waste-to-Energy Project
  20. Developer: County of Maui, Anaergia Services
    • Technology: Waste-to-Energy
    • SEO Rank: 13
    • Location: Puunene, Maui
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 15 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Maui County's Integrated Waste Conversion and Energy Project proposes to develop an approximately 15 MW waste-to-energy facility at the County's Central Maui Landfill, which could divert and convert up to 85% of the dump's waste into renewable energy.
  21. Honolulu Sea Water Air Conditioning
    • Developer: Honolulu Sea Water Air Conditioning
    • Technology: Ocean
    • SEO Rank: 14
    • Location: Kakaako, Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 25,000 ton cooling load
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Cold, deep seawater will provide cooling for about 12.5 million square feet in some 40 buildings in downtown Honolulu. The 25,000-ton system is estimated to cut electricity consumption for air conditioning by 75% (air conditioning represents 35%-45% of a building’s energy use), and reduce potable water and chemical use.
  22. Kahe Utility-Scale PV Project (Hawaiian Electric)
    • Developer: Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Solar City
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 15
    • Location: Nanakuli, Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 15 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: This 15 MW solar energy farm to be developed and owned by Hawaiian Electric and built by Solar City will encompass approximately 50 acres at Hawaiian Electric's existing Kahe Generating Station property.
  23. Lalamilo Wind Farm Repowering Project
    • Developer: County of Hawaii, Gen-X Energy Development, Site Constructors, Inc.
    • Technology: Wind
    • SEO Rank: 16
    • Location: Lalamilo, Hawaii
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 4 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: The Hawaii County Department of Water Supply contracted with Gen-X and Site Constructors to install five turbines to provide low cost renewable power to the County's water supply pumping equipment for 20 years.
  24. Chevron PV Project
    • Developer: Chevron Technology Venture
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 17
    • Location: Kapolei, Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 1
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Chevron Corp. plans to develop a 4.5 acre solar photovoltaic energy project at its Kapolei refinery intending to sell generated electricity to the Hawaiian Electric Company via it’s feed-in tariff program. Timing of the project has yet to be determined.
  25. Chevron CSP Project
    • Developer: Chevron Technology Venture
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 18
    • Location: Kapolei, Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 0
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Chevron Corp. plans to develop a 15.5 acre solar thermal energy project at its Kapolei refinery intending for it to offset the burning fossil fuels. Although a contractor has not yet been chosen, construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2013 and be completed by the first quarter of 2014.
  26. Cellana Biofuel Project
    • Developer: Cellana LLC
    • Technology: Biofuel
    • SEO Rank: 19
    • Location: Kailua-Kona Hawaii
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 1.26 MGY
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: From its six-acre demonstration facility on the Big Island’s Natural Energy Laboratory (NELHA), Cellana (formerly HR BioPetroleum) is developing microalgae strains in preparation for a planned commercial-scale algae biomass plant that will help fuel Maui Electric’s Maalaea Power Plant.
  27. BioEnergy Hawaii Waste Conversion Facility
    • Developer: BioEnergy Hawaii
    • Technology: Waste-to-Energy
    • SEO Rank: 20
    • Location: Kailua-Kona Hawaii
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 11 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Proposed solid waste conversion facility at NELHA would use solid waste diverted from the Puuanalulu landfill to generate electricity. The carbon dioxide created at the plant will feed algae beds which will be converted into biofuel for transportation.
  28. Ikehu Molokai Project
    • Developer: Molokai Ranch, Princeton Energy Group
    • Technology: Wind
    • SEO Rank: 21
    • Location: Kaunakakai, Camp Manila, Molokai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 17 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Ikehu Molokai Project is a combination solar PV, pumped hydroelectric and biofuel conversion project with a goal of 100% renewable energy for Molokai. The project is anticipated to reduce electricity rates on Molokai by 10-15%.
  29. Puu Lua Hydropower Project
    • Developer: Pacific Light & Power, Konohiki Hydro Power
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank: 22
    • Location: Kekaha Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: The Kokee Ditch will serve as the source for a modern, efficient pressurized irrigation system that will service over 6,000 acres of agricultural lands. Power generated at the Upper and Lower Puu Lua hydro plants will be sold to the Kekaha Agricultural Association and its members, with excess made available to the island of Kauai.
  30. Kalepa/East Kauai Water Users Project
    • Developer: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank: 23
    • Location: Kalepa Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 4 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: A dual purpose irrigation and hydroelectric project with a capacity of 4.0 MW and an estimated annual production of 15.2 GWh. The proposed project would utilize water from the existing Wailua Reservoir and the South Fork Wailua River.
  31. Castle & Cooke Solar Farm (1-4)
    • Developer: Castle & Cooke
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 24-27
    • Location: Mililani Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: One of four 5 MW solar farms are proposed to be built in the Mililani Agricultural Park. They will utilize approximately 120 acres and produce enough energy to power 6,000 Oahu homes.
  32. Kalaeloa Home Lands Solar
    • Developer: Kalaeloa Home Lands Solar, LLC,DHHL
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 28
    • Location: Kapolei Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Kalaeloa Home Lands Solar, LLC proposes a 5 MW photovoltaic park on 29 acres of land to be leased from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in Kapolei.
  33. Kalaeloa Solar Power I
    • Developer: Keahole Solar Power, LLC
    • Technology: Solar
    • SEO Rank: 29
    • Location: Kalaeloa Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Kalaeloa Solar I is a 5 MW micro-CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) farm being developed by Keahole Solar Power on a Department of Hawaiian Home Lands parcel adjacent to Kalaeloa Solar II (SunPower). The two facilities will have a combined capacity of 10 MW, enough to power 2,500 Oahu homes.
  34. Puu Opae Hydro Project
    • Developer: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank:30
    • Location: Kekaha Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 8.3 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: A dual purpose irrigation and hydroelectric project with a capacity of 8.3 MW and an estimated annual production of 40 GWh. The proposed project would utilize water from the existing Kokee Ditch Irrigation System, provide irrigation water for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Agribusiness Development Corporation lands, and integrate with existing irrigation users.
  35. OTEC Pilot Project
    • Developer: OTEC International, LLC
    • Technology: Ocean
    • SEO Rank: 31
    • Location: Kailua-Kona Hawaii
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 1 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: OTEC International proposes to construct and operate a 1 MW OTEC facility on the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority's (NELHA) Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology (HOST Park). This facility is a test platform for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) to refine progressive phases of innovation of the OTEC technology. Advances achieved at the RD&D site will facilitate installation and operation of commercial OTEC power plants.
  36. Kauai Biodigestion Project
    • Developer: Pacific Light & Power, Konohiki Hydro Power
    • Technology: Biomass
    • SEO Rank: 32
    • Location: Kekaha Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 4.5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: High Solids Anaerobic Digestion (HSAD) of organic material produces renewable energy in the form of biogas. In addition to generating renewable energy, HSAD projects divert material from landfills, produce heat that is used for cold storage, and produce a compostable digestate for use on fields and gardens. Pacific Light & Power is developing a HSAD project on the Westside of Kauai that will integrate the farming communities needs and benefit the island by producing baseload renewable energy.
  37. UOP Integrated Bio-Refinery Pilot Project
    • Developer: Honeywell UOP
    • Technology: Biofuel
    • SEO Rank: 33
    • Location: Kapolei Oahu
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 0.06132 MGY
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Honeywell UOP is conducting a pilot project to convert various biomass resources for green gasoline for transportation. The Integrated Biorefinery, funded by a $25 million US Department of Energy grant, is a project by UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell. If successful, a 50 million gallon facility could be built with the potential to create 1,000 jobs in production and refinery operations.
  38. Big Island Beef Community Wind Project
    • Developer: Gen-X Energy Development
    • Technology: Wind
    • SEO Rank: 34
    • Location: Paauilo Hawaii
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 100 kW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Gen-X plans another community wind project that will utilize a Northern Power 100 Wind Turbine to power the Big Island Beef facility.
  39. Ulupalakua Geothermal
    • Developer: Ormat Technologies, Inc.
    • Technology: Geothermal
    • SEO Rank: 35
    • Location: Ulupalakua Maui
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 0
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: Ormat Technologies is conducting initial due diligence for potential sources of geothermal in Ulupalakua. Commercial development will depend on the results of this due diligence effort.
  40. Olokele River Hydroelectric Project
    • Developer: Gay & Robinson, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank: 36
    • Location: Kaumakani Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 6 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: The proposed Olokele River Hydropower Project will have a 6 MW capacity.
  41. Kekaha Menehune Hydro Project
    • Developer: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank: 37
    • Location: Kekaha Kauai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: 1.5 MW
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: A dual purpose irrigation and hydroelectric project with a capacity of 1.5 MW and an estimated annual production of 6.5 GWh. The proposed project would utilize water from the existing Kekaha Ditch Irrigation System for generation and to provide water and repairs for the Menehune Ditch.
  42. Molokai Irrigation System Hydropower Plant
    • Developer: State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture
    • Technology: Hydroelectric
    • SEO Rank: 38
    • Location: Molokai Ranch Molokai
    • Potential Energy/Fuel Generated: TBD
    • Project Status: Planning
    • Description: The proposed hydropower project is located along the Molokai Irrigation System (MIS) on the southern side of central Molokai within Molokai Ranch property. This project would be a minor modification to the already existing MIS, whereby used previously for pumping water can be partially recovered on the downside of the MIS pipeline. The proposed project would generate clean renewable energy for the island of Molokai.
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