Expressões Usadas em Seriados - English/Portuguese

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  1. Knock yourself out
    “Esbalde-se! Vai e faz o que você está querendo! Fica à vontade! Manda bala!”

    If you want to make hotel and airline and car reservations and take care of everything, well, then, knock yourself out.
  2. Have no say
    “Não ter direito de opinar.”

    The students have no say on that matter.
  3. Knock out of the park
    “Fazer um trabalho esplêndido.”

    She really knocked that presentation out of the park.
  4. Kiss up to
    "Bajular, puxar o saco."

    I hate people who kiss up to their bosses.
  5. Hang tight
    “Esperar pacientemente, aguentar as pontas.” 

    You’ll just have to hang tight, buddy.
  6. Go all out
    “Dar tudo de si, fazer o melhor.”

    When I set out to do something, I go all out.
  7. Gizmo
    “Coisa, troço, negócio.”

    What do you call that gizmo over there?
  8. Get someone’s back
    • “Apoiar/defender alguém, dar cobertura.”
    • Whatever path you follow, remember that I got your back.
  9. Get word
    “Receber notícias de, ficar sabendo de.”

    Have you gotten word from Mary recently?
  10. Lie low
    “Ficar na surdina, escondido.”

    We thought someone might have seen us leaving the building, so we figured we’d better lie low for a while.
  11. The joke’s on you
    “Você que se ferrou! O feitiço virou contra o feiticeiro.”

    • You thought you were going to make her jealous by hooking up with another girl? Joke’s on you, buddy. She’s already dating someone.
  12. Leave someone in the lurch
    “Deixar alguém na mão.”

    He left me in the lurch when I needed him the most.
  13. Get a load of
    “Dar uma olhada em.”

    Get a load of this stereo, it’s awesome!
  14. Keep someone at arm’s length
    “Manter distânciade alguém.”

    We proposed a tax break for companies that treat their workers well, but lawmakers are keeping the idea at arm’s length for now.
  15. Drop charges
    “Retirar queixas (policiais).”

    The police agreed to drop charges on that case.
  16. I got your back
    “Eu te ajudo, estamos aí pro que der e vier; eu te apoio, eu te defendo.”

    Need help with your English homework? I got your back, brother.
  17. I hear ya
    “Entendi, saquei, sei bem como é.”

    “My boss is such a jerk.” “I hear ya. Mine’s too.”
  18. Do shots
    “Tomar doses (de bebida).”

    He was at the bar doing shots when he was supposed to be at home studying.
  19. Have a shot at something
    “Ter chance de fazer algo.”

    You don’t have a shot at getting her to go out with you.
  20. Keep something/someone at bay
    “Manter algo/alguém longe de você.”

    If we can keep the rabbits at bay, we should have a good crop of vegetables in the garden.
  21. Have a lot of catching up to do
    “Ter muita conversa/atividade para colocar em dia.”

    We haven’t seen each other in years. We have a lot of catching up to do.
  22. Have a cold streak
    “Ter uma época de azar, estar numa mare de azar.”

    • I had a cold streak last week.
  23. Have an axe to grind
    “Ter um assunto para resolver com alguém, geralmente desagradável.”

    I have an axe to grind at work today.
  24. Fat chance
    “De jeito nenhum! Nem a pau!”

    There’s no way I’m going to do this, fat chance!
  25. Have a blast
    “Divertir-se muito.”

    We had a blast at the party last night.
  26. Easy-breezy
    “mamão com açúcar”; relaxado, calmo.

    She has an easy-breezy writing style that makes her books so enjoyable to read.

    That test is easy-breezy, you’re going to ace it, for sure.
  27. Hang by a thread
    “Estar por um fio.”

    His job is hanging by a thread.
  28. Have a lot on someone’s plate
    “Ter muita coisa acontecendo, estar com muitas responsabilidades.”

    I have a lot on my plate this week: a big project at work and three tests at college.
  29. Fall for something
    “Cair nessa; Acreditar em algo.”

    Do you think he really fell for it?
  30. Hang by a thread
    “Estar por um fio.”

    His job is hanging by a thread.
  31. Hang (somebody) out to dry
    “Deixar alguém na mão.”

    When I needed her the most, she hung me out to dry.
  32. Get on your feet
    “Levantar-se, ficar de pé.”

    Come on, everybody, get on your feet!
  33. Fix someone up
    “Dar uma de cupido, “ajeitar” alguém.”

    Hey, won’t you fix me up with your cousin?
  34. Be a good sport
    "Ser capaz de perder numa competição ou aceitar uma situação ruim/desconfortável sem reclamar."

    When I told her she had to pick everybody up at the airport she was such a good sport.
  35. Give something a spin
    “Experimentar algo”

    Are you interested in that new diet? Why don’t you give it a spin to see if it works?
  36. Get cold feet
    “Ficar com medo de fazer algo, ficar com um pé atrás.”

    You’re bound to get cold feet before making an important decision.
  37. Ditch

    She ditched me for a richer man.
  38. Get inside someone’s head
    “Ela significa manipular/controlar alguém”

    She has a freaky way of getting inside people’s heads.
  39. Eke out a living
    “Viver precariamente, trabalhar muito e ganhar pouco.”

    So what do you want? Make some real money or keep eking out a living?
  40. Act like sheep
    “Fazer o que mandam, baixar a cabeça, aceitar algo passivamente, “comportar-se como ovelhas”

    The employees acted like sheep because they wanted to keep their jobs.
  41. Can’t put my finger on it
    “Não conseguir especificar, não saber direito o que é.”

    I’m feeling kind of strange, but I can’t put my finger on it.
  42. For good
    “Para sempre.”

    She left him, now for good.
  43. Go AWOL

    • Two computers went AWOL last weekend.
  44. And whatnot
    “...e coisas do tipo, ...etc”

    He came over with lots of beer, meat, and whatnot.
  45. Fast track
     “O caminho mais fácil (para o sucesso); fazer algo progredir usando caminhos mais rápidos.”

    Those who succeed earn a reputation and a fast track to the top.
  46. Be caught with your pants down
    “Ser pego em flagrante, com a boca na botija.”

    His job was to be on the lookout for his boss, so he wouldn’t be caught with his pants down.
  47. Chicken out

    You gonna chicken out now?
  48. Be on the move
    “Estar ativo, estar viajando.”

    Bon Jovi’s new tour is on the move again.
  49. (not) bat an eye / eyelash / eyelid
    “Mostrar indiferença (com algo que foi dito ou feito).”

    “What did she say when you told her you were leaving?” “She didn’t bat an eyelid.”
  50. Cancel on someone
    Cancelar (um compromisso) com alguém.”

    I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel on you. Something’s come up.
  51. Force one’s hand
    “Forçar a barra com alguém, obrigar alguém a fazer algo que não quer fazer.”

    We didn’t know what she was up to, until we forced her hand and she told us all about her plans.
  52. Chip in
    “Fazer vaquinha.”

    • Let’s chip in to buy the boss a gift.
  53. Get the hang of it
    “Pegar 'as manhas' de algo.”

    I signed up for some cooking classes. I want to get the hang of it.
  54. Dirtbag
    “Pessoa ruim.”

    What’s that dirtbag doing in my birthday party?
  55. Be in hot water
    “Estar em apuros.”

    We’re in hot water with Mom and Dad. What are we going to do?
  56. Get a kick out of
    • “Divertir-se com (algo), curtir algo.”
    • She gets a kick out of picking on people, I don’t know why.
  57. Can/be able to hold one’s own
    “Ser competente no que faz, segurar as pontas.”

    He was unable to hold his own and gave up.
  58. Get your hopes up
    “Criar expectativas, depositar esperança.”

    Don’t get your hopes up. There’ll be a lot of people applying for the job.
  59. A glitch
    “Um defeito, um problema: Deu pau.”

    My computer had a glitch last night
  60. It’s up to you
    "A escolha é sua, que depende de você.”

    -Would you like go swimming? -It’s up to you buddy!

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