Lecture - WWII Homefront

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  1. What 2 methods were used to finance WWII?
    • 1. Warbonds
    • 2. Revenue Act of 1942
  2. What act resulted in the governments generating 20 times the revenue in 45 than in 40?
    Revenue Act of 1942
  3. What were the two major points of the Revenue Act of 1942?
    • 1. Instituted withholding taxes from weekly paychecks
    • 2. Tax rates were increased for all
  4. Who headed the War Production Board (WPB)?
    Don Nelson former head of Sears-Roebuck
  5. What wartime agency oversaw the conversion of the civilian economy to the military economy?
    War Productions Board (WPB)
  6. What government agency was responsible for utilizing the American economy to produce more military goods than Germany, Italy, and Japan combined?
    WPB wartime production board
  7. What government agency was in charge of rationing and establishing price controls?
    OPA Office of Price Administration
  8. What government agency coined the slogan "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without?"
    OPA office of price administration
  9. What agency imposed a wartime speed limit of 35MPH to help the country conserve gas?
    OPA The Office of Price Administration
  10. What government agency was established to promote patriotism and influence public opinion?
    The Office of Censorship
  11. What was the result of the war on the average wage for American workers?
    They doubled
  12. What was the effect of the war on migration in the U.S.?
    People migrated to the states with defense contracts in search of jobs such as California, Washington, and Michigan
  13. The war had what 3 major impacts on family life?
    • 1. Marriages and divorces increased
    • 2. High school drop outs increased
    • 3. Juvenile delinquency  increased
  14. At least 25,000 Native Americans served in the military. What impact did the Navajo have on the war effort?
    They used their native language to communicate with other military interests. They were referred to as the "Code Talkers" and their code was never cracked
  15. The migration of over 700,000 African Americans in search of jobs to Northern cities raised racial tensions. What was the most prominent example of this?
    The Detroit Race Riots that killed 25 blacks and 9 whites
  16. What was the Bracero Program?
    A deal with Mexico that allowed the importation of Mexican Laborers
  17. What was the purpose of executive order 9066?
    Ordered all Japanese in America be held in internment camps, typically in the remote west of the country
  18. Despite being held in internment camps 18,000 Japanese-Americans served in the Army in the most decorated unit of WWII. Which unit was it?
    442nd combat team
  19. What court case upheld the president's executive order 9066 that ordered Japanese into internment camps?
    Korematsu v. United States
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