Irish vocab 2

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Irish vocab 2
2014-01-01 20:11:02
Irish Gaelic vocabulary
Lesson 2
Still talking about the weather
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  1. It's beautiful now, thank God!
    Tá sé go hálainn anois, buíchas le Dia!
  2. Now
  3. Today isn't bad.
    Níl sé go dona inniu.
  4. today
  5. The morning isn't good.
    Níl an mhaidin go maith.
  6. The night isn't nice.
    Níl an oíche go deas.
  7. The night is fine.
    Tá an oíche go breá.
  8. The day is not good.
    Níl an lá go maith.
  9. is not
  10. is
  11. The weather is wonderful.
    Tá an aimsir go hiontach.
  12. The weather is beautiful.
    Tá an aimsir go hálainn.
  13. The weather is bad.
    Tá an aimsir go dona.
  14. The weather is good.
    Tá an aimsir go maith.
  15. The weather is nice.
    Tá an aimsir go deas.
  16. The weather is fine.
    Tá an aimsir go breá.
  17. wonderful
    go hiontach
  18. beautiful
    go hálainn
  19. bad
    go dona
  20. good
    go maith
  21. nice
    go deas
  22. fine
    go breá
  23. the morning
    an mhaidin
  24. the weather
    an aimsir
  25. the night
    an oíche
  26. the day
    an lá

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