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  1. In order to raise revenues, King Louis XVI convened this representative body
    The Estates General
  2. In 1789 this document proclaimed that al men were "born and remained free and equal rights:"
    The Declaration of the Rights of Man
  3. The parlement of something declared that only the Estate General could decide this
    establish new taxes
  4. The Cahier de Dolences was presented to
    King Louis XVI
  5. When they took the Tennis Court Oath, the National Assembly promised to give France a
  6. In 1825 this country gained control of North Italy
  7. Romantics were drawn to the art, literature, and architecture of this historical period.
    Middle Age
  8. This new religion movement developed a view of faith that was to be heartfelt and guide the believers to salvation in this world
  9. This german philosopher  argued that human perception is as much product of the minds activity than of sensory perception
    Immanuel Kant
  10. This French writer felt that people, nature, and society were interrelated.
    Jean Jacques Rousseau
  11. The murder/ execution of 1200 prisoners in 1792 by the Paris Commune is known by this name
    September Massacre
  12. The National Constituent Assembly pass this type of government
    Constitutional Monarchy
  13. True or False: The Roman Catholic Church enthusiastically supported the French Revolution
    False(the church worked against it)
  14. This Revolution club was most famous in the 3rd estate
  15. This sartorially-named group wanted the people to make the decisions of government
    Sans Culottes
  16. This naval battle ended any possibility of France invading England
    Battle of Trafalgar
  17. This was napoleons plan to cut Britian off from European trade
    Continental Systems
  18. This series of meetings pursued the balance of power in Europe
    Congress of Vienna
  19. When the Netherlands was established, it included these two countries
    Belgium and Luxembourg
  20. This person contended that the process of civilization and the Enlightenment had corrupted human nature
  21. This British statesman believed that the French Revolution was shortsighted and politically unjust
    Edmund Burke
  22. This document divided the people of France into active and passive citizens
    The Constitution
  23. Issud in August of 1793 this was a military requisition on the entire population
    Levee on Masse
  24. This person is credited as the leader of the Reign of Terror
    Maximilian Robespierre
  25. The French Revolution has often been considered a victory for this group
  26. The second Coalition of France was made up of these four powers
    Russia Austria the Ottomane Empire and england
  27. This commander destroyed the French Fleet in 1798
    Horation Nelson
  28. Abbe Sierges wrote this famous pamphlet about France's social class structures
    What is the Third Estate?
  29. The constitution declaring this man Emperor was ratified a plebiscite.
    Napoleon Bonaparte
  30. This collection of laws retained the ban on primogeniture in France .
    Napoleonic Code
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