Definitions of Crime

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  1. What did Williams define crime as in 1991?
    A wrong to society involving the breach of a legal rule
  2. What did Croall define crime as in 1998?
    Something which is against the criminal law
  3. What did Kirby et al define crime as in 2000?
    Behaviour that breaks the formal written laws of a given society
  4. What historical issues arise when defining crime?
    What was once considered a criminal act may no longer be illegal (Witchcraft)
  5. What cultural issues arise when defining crime?
    What is considered a crime in once country may not be illegal in another (adultery)
  6. What age issues arise when defining crime?
    Whether or not something is seen as criminal may depend on the age of the offender (stealing sweets)
  7. What is the age of criminal responsibility in the UK?
    10 years old
  8. What political issues arise when defining crime?
    Laws are determined by the government and changes in agenda could result in changes in punishment or what is considered criminal (cannabis downgraded to class C then upgraded to class B again within a year)
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