Strategies for the Independent Learner

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  1. True or False?

    Penn Foster must approve the proctor you choose to supervise your proctored exam.
    • True
  2. True or False?

    The most important thing to do when you realize that you're just reading words but missing the point is to recognize that you're doing it and take a break for a few minutes.
  3. True or False?

    Degree courses focus on helping you gather many new facts.
  4. True or False?

    Through your study guide, you're free to look ahead and explore what's on a lesson exam.
  5. True or False?

    The first time you log on to the Penn Foster website, you must register on the site.
  6. Name the 3 sections of a text book.
    • 1.) Front matter
    • 2.) Main body of text
    • 3.) End matter
  7. List the 4 items you will typically find in the front matter of a textbook.
    • 1.) Title page
    • 2.) Table of contents
    • 3.) Preface
    • 4.) Introduction
  8. What will you typicaly find within the main body of text in a textbook?
    • 1.) Primary text
    • 2.) The elaborating and illustrative material embedded in the primary text
  9. List the 2 items you will typically find in the end matter of a textbook.
    • 1.) Index
    • 2.) Appendix
  10. Fill in the blank:

    All ________________ involves making mistakes.
  11. Describe how an auditory learner learns, and what some good study habits would be.
    An auditory learner learns by listening.

    • Auditory learners should find friends to study with so they can ask questions and discuss things.
    • If they study alone they should record notes and key concepts into a voice recorder, and listen back to it.
  12. Describe how a visual learner learns, and what some good study habits would be.
    A visual learner learns by reading.

    • They should take notes on everything and read back over them later.
    • A visual learner will also find charts, graphs, maps, and images to be helpful.

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