3D153 Vol 1 Unit 3

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  1. which feature of the Fluke 8025A locks the measurement into the display for viewing and automatically updates the display when you take a new measurement?
    touch-hold push button
  2. which current range on the Fluke 8025A do you select tto measure 250 milliamps alternating current (AC)?
    milliamps/amp AC
  3. when testing a diode with the 8025a, the leads across a good diode produces an OL on the display in one direction while reversing the leads produces
    a continuous audible tone
  4. how are voltage, time, and depth represented on the oscilloscope display?
    voltage = vertical axis, time= horizontal axis, depth = intensity
  5. which mode of triggering an oscilloscope causes a trace to be drawn on the screen at all times. whether there is an input signal or not?
  6. which probe does not need to actually make contact with the circuit under test?
    current probe
  7. what digital storage oscilloscope circuit conpensates for high sampling rates of high frequency signals?
    charged coupled divice
  8. sampling data points are stored in the memory of a digital storage oscilloscope as
    waveform points
  9. what area of a digital storage oscilloscope takes digitized samples and performs numerous manipulation on the data including measuring rise and fall times, periods, time intervals, and math computations?
  10. what type of sampling does a digital storage oscilloscope normally use on single-shot or seldom-occuring signals?
  11. in real-time sampling, what type of interpolation is used when measuring pulse waves?
  12. which are the three types of digital storage oscilloscope acquisition moodes, and which is the standard operating mode?
    sample, peak detect, averaging; sample
  13. in acquiring a 4k record legth on a digital storage oscilloscope, how many samples can you view at one time?
  14. what test equipment provides a bit error detection system that can determine the received data quality after traveling over a communications link?
    bit error rate
  15. what pattern simulator section of the bit error rate test set accepts a 48 bit parallel word and generates a serial pattern?
    48 bit transmitter only
  16. what pattern simulator section of the bit error rate test set converts the non-return zero-level data into the desired coding, such as non-return zero-mark
    code converters
  17. what patern synchronizer and error counter section of the bit error rate test set internally generates its own pattern to compare with the received data from the data/clock receivers?
    48 bit synchronizer/comparator
  18. which of these bit rates do you use for a bit error rate test on a 64 Kbps data circuit?
    64 Kbps
  19. on the bit error rate test BER set, the 25 pin connectors are designed to operate with data modems to
    simplify connection of test equipment to the modem under test and to carry the necessary signaling and handshake signals for modem operations
  20. systems grounds must continually be tested
  21. a known current is generated by the earth ground tester between the earth ground electrode and the
    inner earth stake Y
  22. where is voltage potential measured in the fall of potential ground testing method?
    between the auxiliary potential electrode and the earth ground electroe
  23. the IEEE have recommended a ground resistance value of
    5 ohms or less
  24. what component on a protocol analyzer process the frames based on the selected test and user configuration inputs?
  25. what protocol analyzer test window provides information concerning the network utilization and frame error that are related to a specific protocol?
    protocol statistics
  26. what protocol analyzer test window reports errors that occur at the physical layer such as bad frame check sequence, short frames, and jabbers?
    media access control MAC node statistics
  27. what active test is selected to see the path that the packets are traveling and the time it takes the packets to complete the trip?
    trace route
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