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  1. which one of these is not an application of a radio frequency generator?
    troubleshooting receivers
  2. a power reading that uses the abbreviation dBm indicates the
    ratio of decibels relative to a 1 milliwatt standard
  3. during what operation is the radio frequency blankin output used on the HP 436A power meter
    during the automatic zeroing operation
  4. plug-in elements of the wattmeter are selected based on the
    frequency and power to be measured
  5. the two switches on the front panel of the wattmeter is to correspond to the
    power range of the forward element
  6. when reading forward power on a wattmeter, what does two right facing arrow head mean?
    power exceeds 120 percent of the range
  7. what feature is useful for making adjustments to optimize any of the parameters which the wattmeter measures?
    peaking aid
  8. which measurements are not made with a spectrum analyzer
    subcarrier oscillator outputs
  9. which are the correct four classes of electronic counters?
    frequency counters, universal, microwave and reciprocal
  10. what test equipment combines the operations of many test instruments into a single compact unit?
    communication service monitor
  11. what function is not part of the communication service monitor?
    analog multimeter
  12. what operational capability of the Communication service monitor produces sine, square, and triangle waveforms?
    function generator
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