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  1. 13th ammendment
    Abolishment of slavery
  2. 14
    equal rights
  3. 15
    all men can vote
  4. 16
    graduated income tax
  5. 17
    direct election for senators
  6. 18
  7. 19
    womens suffrage
  8. Washington
    Gradual approach, skills based education for blacks  to become economically dependent
  9. Dubois
    Rapid Integration, liberal arts, first african american to recieve PhD at Harvard
  10. Jim Crow Laws
    Segregated Races, Plessy vs Fergusson "seperate but equal"
  11. Disenfranchisement of African Americans
    Caused by Literacy test and poll taxes and Grandfather clause
  12. Grandfather Clause
    prevented African americans from voting by only allowing people who were able to vote before 1867 to continue to vote, since slavery was abolished in 1870
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