Lecture - Early Cold War

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  1. What philosophy stated that U.S. couldn't remove current communist regimes but should stop the spread of communism?
  2. Who introduced the philosophy of containment?
    George F. Kennan
  3. What urged Truman to detail his Truman Doctrine?
    The civil wars in Turkey and Greece seemed to be tilting them toward a communist government
  4. What were the 3 provisions to the Truman Doctrine?
    • 1. Promised $400m to aid Turkey/Greece
    • 2. Pledged American support for free people fighting against oppression
    • 3. This asserted America as a global police force against communism
  5. Seen as an additional weapon against communism this measure gave $17B to Western Europe with 16 nations participating from 1948-52.
    The Marshall Plan
  6. What were the 3 main results from the Marshall plan?
    • 1. European economies recovered
    • 2. Helped stop the spread of communism
    • 3. Helped U.S. economy
  7. When did the Korean war take place?
  8. Who led the UN troops in the Korean War?
    Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  9. What led to the famous Chicago Daily Tribune headline in the 48 election that proclaimed "Dewey Defeats Truman?"
    The Democrats had split so the expectation was that Dewey would win.
  10. What was Truman's extension of the "New Deal?"
    The Fair Deal
  11. What were the 4 major aspects of the Fair Deal?
    • 1. Raise min. wage and extend social security
    • 2. Federal aid for K-12 education
    • 3. Expand civil rights legislation
    • 4. National Health care plan
  12. Of all of the parts of Truman's Fair Deal what was the only measure that got passed?
    The increase of min. wage and extending social security
  13. What was HUAC (House of Un-American Activities Committee?)
    A congressional committee that investigated the influence of communism on the U.S.
  14. What congressional committee forced nearly 3,000 government workers to resign and caused up to 300 to be fired?
    HUAC (House of Un-American Activities Committee)
  15. This Republican Senator from Wisconsin was seeking reelection and jumped on the Anti-communists band wagon and claimed to have a list of names of communist working for the government.
    Joseph McCarthy
  16. This president from 53-61 was the first Republican president in 20 years.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  17. Who was known for "dynamic conservatism?"
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  18. What were the 3 major goals of Dwight D. Eisenhower?
    • 1. Reduce the size of government
    • 2. Balance Budget
    • 3. Cut taxes and spending
  19. Eisenhower didn't achieve many of his goals there are 4 good examples of this short coming.
    • 1. Government actually grew
    • 2. Some budgets were balanced but not all of them
    • 3. Taxes were cut 10% but then spending increased upon a recession
    • 4. Leader of the Highway Act (A huge public works project)
  20. What Act established the modern system of highways and led to the construction of 41,000 miles of highway?
    The Highway Act of 1956
  21. How was the most expensive public project (Highway Act) in U.S. history funded?
    A gas tax
  22. What was enacted to improve the transportation system and also improve defense mobilization?
    Highway Act of 1956
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