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Barrons #1
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AP Lit

barrons terms
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  1. abstract
    a very brief synopsis of longer work of scholarship or research.
  2. abstract terms
    represent ideas or thoughts--generalities
  3. adage
    a saying or proverb embodying a piece of common wisdom based on experience and often couched in metaphorical language
  4. aesthetic distance
    • a total objectivity of a writer wherein his/her view and judgments are withheld in his/her account of human experience.
    • the distance between a work of art and its perciever
  5. allegory
    • the recounting of an unreal series of experiences bearing such close resemblance to reality as to encourage the reader to make the association
    • an extended metaphor
  6. alliteration
    the repetition of one or more initial sounds, usually consonants, in a group of words or a line from a poem
  7. allusion
    a reference to something meant to create an effect or enrich the meaning of an idea
  8. ambiguity
    • multiple meaning
    • lack of clarity meant to reflect the vagueness of life
  9. anachronism
    the incorporation of something that does not correspond with the time period portrayed in the work
  10. analogy
    a comparison that points out similarities between two dissimilar things
  11. annotation
    notes added to a text that explain, name sources, summarize, or evaluate the text
  12. antagonist
    the character or force in a story that works against the protagonist to produce tension or conflict
  13. anti-hero
    • protagonist who lacks characteristics of a hero
    • lacks spirit, leadership
    • lack of action
  14. antithesis
    the rhetorical opposition of words, clauses, or sentences
  15. aphorism
    a short, pithy statement of a generally accepted truth or sentiment
  16. Apollonian
    refers to the noble qualities of human beings and nature as opposed to the savage and destructive forces

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