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  1. apostrophe
    a locution that addresses a person or personified thing not present
  2. archetype
    a plot that repeats basic historical or primitive life patterns; from the psychology of Carl Jung
  3. assonance
    the repetition of two or more vowel sounds in a group of words or a line of poetry
  4. ballad
    a simple narrative verse that tells a story that is sung or recited
  5. bard
    • a poet
    • poets who related stories of heroes to the accompaniment of a musical instrument such as the harp
  6. baroque
    • an elaborate style of architecture that followed classicism
    • an elaborate and unstructured style
  7. bathos
    • the usage of ludicrous, commonplace language
    • anticlimax
    • the use of insincere or overdone sentimentality
  8. belles-letres
    a body of literature including drama, poetry, fiction, and criticism that is inherently artistic, as opposed to scientific discourse
  9. blank verse
    unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter
  10. bombast
    inflated language; the use of high-sounding language for a trivial subject
  11. burlesque
    • a literary composition that aims to provoke laughter by ridiculing serious works
    • a grotesque imitation of the dignified or patetic
  12. cacophony
    the use of inharmonious sounds in close conjunction to create an effect
  13. caricature
    a grotesque likeness of striking characteristics in persons or things
  14. carpe diem
    • seize the day
    • a motif in poetry
    • refers to the view that one should enjoy life to the fullest while one is able
  15. catharsis
    a cleansing of the spirit of the spectator at a tragedy through experiencing the emotions of pity and terror
  16. classic
    a highly regarded work of literature or other art form that has withstood the test of time
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