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  1. classical, classicism
    • deriving from the orderly qualities of ancient Greek and Roman culture
    • usually implies objectivity and simplicity, restraint and formality
  2. cliche
    an overused or trite expression
  3. climax
    the high point, or turning point, in a story or play
  4. conceit
    • a figure of speech in which a striking association is made between two seemingly dissimilar things
    • an extended metaphor, as in the poetry of John Donne
  5. concrete terms
    things that have actual existence, that can be seen or known
  6. connotation
    the suggested or implied meaning of a word or phrase
  7. consonance
    the repetition of two or more consonant sounds in a group of words or a line of poetry
  8. denotation
    the dictionary definition of a word or phrase
  9. denouement
    the final resolution of the strands of plot complications or problems
  10. deus ex machina
    the employment of any artificial device or gimmick that the author uses to solve a difficult situation
  11. diction
    the selection of words in oral or written discourse
  12. Dionysian
    the sensual, pleasure-seeking qualities of man and nature
  13. dramatic irony
    an inconsistency, known by the audience or reader, between a character's perception of a situation and the truth of the situation
  14. dramatic monologue
    a type of poem or prose piece in which the speaker gives an account of a dramatic moment in his/her life and, in doing so, reveals his/her character
  15. elegy
    a poem or piece of prose lamenting or meditating on the death of a person or pet
  16. ellipsis, elliptical
    three periods (. . .) indicating the omission of words
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