Barrons #4

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  1. empathy
    a feeling of association or identification with an object; experiencing its sensations and responding with similar feelings
  2. epic
    a narrative poem, often quite long, that tells of the adventures of a hero important to his nation or race
  3. epigram
    the ingenious, witty, thoughtful, provocative statement
  4. euphony
    the use of pleasant, harmonious words to create an effect
  5. exegesis
    a detailed analysis or interpretation of a poem, parable, or other piece of discourse
  6. Existentialism
    • a view of life that emphasizes existence as opposed to essence
    • human beings are presented as unable to solve the basic enigmas of life
  7. expose
    a piece of writing, often journalistic, meant to reveal or expose weakness, faults, frailties, or other shortcomings
  8. exposition
    the explanation or analysis of a subject; setting forth the meaning or purpose of an issue or set of facts
  9. explication
    the interpretation or analysis of a text
  10. Expressionism
    a form or art in which the artist depicts the inner essence of man and projects his view of the world as colored by that essence
  11. fable
    a short story designed to teach a useful lesson; its characters are usually animals or inanimate things
  12. falling action
    the action in a play or story that occurs after the climax when conflicts are usually resolved
  13. fantasy
    the creation of unreal worlds and people, bearing a relation to the real
  14. figurative language
    figures of speech, among them metaphor, simile, personification, synec-doche, metonymy, allusion, and symbol
  15. flashback
    returning to an earlier time in a story or play for the purpose of clarifying present actions or circumstances
  16. foreshadowing
    providing hints of things to come in a story or play
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