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  1. free verse
    a kind of poetry without rhymed lines or regular rhythm
  2. genre
    a term used to describe literary forms such as tragedy, comedy, novel, and essay
  3. haiku
    a verse form from Japan, in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, often depicting an image from nature
  4. hamartia
    Aristotle's term for the protagonist's tragic flaw or tragic error of judgement
  5. hubris, hybris
    Aristotle's term for the pride of the tragic hero that leads him to ignore or overlook warnings of impending disaster or to break moral laws
  6. humanism
    • an attitude that emphasizes human interests
    • an optimistic view of human potential
  7. humor
    • the quality in action, speech, or writing that excites amusement
    • less intellectual than wit and having a more sympathetic tone
  8. hyperbole
    • overstatement
    • gross exaggeration for rhetorical effect
  9. idyll
    a lyric poem describing a kind of ideal life or place
  10. imagery
    • the use of words to represent what can be seen, touched, smelled, tasted, or felt
    • sensory language
  11. Impressionism
    • the presentation of the salient features of a scene, event, or person as they appear to the author at the time
    • a highly personal approach
  12. invective
    the use of denunciatory, angry, and insulting language
  13. irony
    a form of expression in which the meaning intended is the opposite from what is stated
  14. lampoon
    a violent and scurrilous satirical attack against a person or institution
  15. light verse
    a type of poetry meant to entertain or amuse
  16. limerick
    a form of light verse, often nonsensical, containing five lines and a prescribed rhythm and rhyme scheme
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