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  1. litotes
    a form of understatement in which the negative of the contrary is used to achieve emphasis and intensity
  2. loose sentence
    a sentence that follows the customary word order of English sentences (subject verb object)
  3. lyric
    subjective, reflective poetry with regular rhyme scheme and meter that reveals the poet's thoughts and feelings to create a single, unique impression
  4. maxim
    a saying or proverb expressing common wisdom or truth
  5. melodrama
    a literary account in which the incidents are sensational, the characters exceptionally noble or evil, the appeal to the emotions extreme
  6. metaphor
    a figure of speech that compares unlike objects
  7. metaphysical poetry
    the work of poets that implies elaborate conceits and is highly intellectual and expresses life's complexities
  8. meter
    poetry's rhythm, or its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
  9. metonymy
    a figure of speech that uses the name of one thing to represent something else with which it is associated
  10. Middle English
    the language spoken in England roughly between 1150 and 1500 AD
  11. mode
    an attribute or quality of a thing
  12. montage
    a quick succession of images or pictures to express an idea
  13. mood
    the emotional response that a piece of literature stimulates in the reader
  14. moral
    the lesson a reader infers from a story, poem, or other piece of literature
  15. motif
    a device that serves as a unifying agent in conveying a theme
  16. Muses
    the goddesses presiding over the arts
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