Lecture - Vietnam

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  1. Eisenhower presented what theory that stated if Vietnam fell to communism then other nations would follow suit and begin to fall as well?
    Domino Theory
  2. What president proposed a "middle course" while dealing with Vietnam?
  3. What action led LBJ to demand from congress the authority to retaliate on the Vietnamese?
    The attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin
  4. This resolution allowed the president to take all necessary measures to prevent communist aggression in Vietnam.
    Tonkin Resolution '65
  5. Following the Tonkin Resolution in 1965 operation Rolling Thunder involved 50,000 troops. How many troops were involved in Vietnam by 1968?
  6. In what action in January 1968 did the North Vietnamese attack about 100 important cities being successful at first but after a month of fighting were pushed back?
    The Tet Offensive
  7. What turning point in the Vietnam War caused Americans to largely begin to oppose the war itself?
    Tet Offensive
  8. What two influential Americans were assassinated in 1968?
    MLK JR and RFK
  9. After LBJ this president was elected to restore "law and order"
  10. What 3 points did Nixon's plan of Vietnamization include?
    • 1. Gradually withdrawal troops
    • 2. Train and equip the South Vietnamese
    • 3. Begin negotiations to end war
  11. The North Vietnamese knew the American people were down on the war and were resistant to negotiations. What action did Nixon take to encourage them into talks to end the war?
    Increased bombing and invaded Cambodia
  12. What finally led to a peace settlement with the North Vietnamese?
    The "Christmas Bombings" 72-73
  13. What became the 4 major results of the war in terms of domestic policy and political impact?
    • 1. Containment policy was a failure
    • 2. Divided Americans more than any issue since the civil war
    • 3. Undermine U.S. self confidence
    • 4. 58,000 Americans died and up to 2 million Vietnamese were dead and wounded
  14. On July 24, 1959 Vice President Nixon defended the quality of American washing machines and television sets. What was this known as?
    The Great Kitchen Debate
  15. Who wrote "Silent Spring" a 1962 book about the environment that detailed the dangers of pesticide use?
    Rachel Carson
  16. What were the 3 aspects of Nixon's environmental legislation?
    • 1. Higher water standards established and protections for marine life and coastlines
    • 2. Levels of pollutant emissions in cars were regulated
    • 3. EPA was created in 1971
  17. What 3 different actions did Nixon take to combat inflation?
    • 1. Cut spending and raised interest rates (Caused a recession)
    • 2. Deficit spending to try to stimulate the economy
    • 3. Wage and price controls (Had mixed results)
  18. Nixon's Family Assistance Program wasn't passed but showed Nixon's centrist approach to domestic policy. What were the 2 provisions had it passed?
    • 1. Guarantee family of 4 an income of 1600/year (more than most state welfare agencies offered)
    • 2. All heads of household would be required to apply for job training (costs would be covered)
  19. Henry Kissinger was the architect of what policy to develop closer relationships in China and USSR?
  20. Under what policy did Nixon lay the foundation to normalize relations with China and even allowed him to visit China?
  21. What policy saw the U.S. selling 400 million tons of grain to USSR below market value?
  22. What treaty set limits on offensive nuclear missiles?
    SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)
  23. Detente became a tremendous success, why was it likely that Nixon was the only person that could pull this off?
    Because he was widely known as a strong anti-communist
  24. Who headed and what was Nixon's CREEP organization?
    Committee to Re-Elect the President headed by john Mitchell
  25. What part of CREEP was designed to stop leaks and ended up targeting Daniel Ellsburg?
    The Plumbers
  26. What refers to a series of actions taken by the Plumbers to discredit Nixon's opponent?
    Dirty Tricks
  27. Who broke into the Watergate hotel in 1972?
    The Plumbers
  28. These two Washington Post employees led the investigation of the Watergate Scandal
    Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
  29. Who was the "Deep Throat" informant that anonymously gave information about Watergate?
    Former FBI official Mark Felt
  30. Why did Nixon's vice president resign allowing Nixon to appoint Gerald Ford as VP?
    Spiro Agnew resigned after it was found he had been accepting bribes
  31. What proved that Nixon had obstructed justice and also showed Nixon had an enemies list, used government to harass opponents, he had used racial slurs against Jews and Blacks?
    The taping system Nixon had in the White House
  32. When did Nixon resign?
    August 9, 1974
  33. Shortly after Ford became president in August he took this unusual preemptive action in the Nixon scandals.
    Issued a preemptive pardon in September for any wrong doing Nixon had done while in the presidential office
  34. Who defeated Ford in 1976?
  35. What president was elected in 1976 and was a navy submarine officer, farmer turned GA governor, and pledged to be honest to the nation?
    Jimmy Carter
  36. What 1979 agreement allowed Egypt to be the first Arab nation to recognize Israel's government while Israel agreed to withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula.
    Camp David Accords (1979)
  37. While Carter ran for president he frequently referred to a "Misery Index" which was the % inflation and % of unemployment. What effect did his term have on this index?
    It got a lot worse
  38. In November 1979 53 Americans were taken hostage in Iran. A rescue attempt failed killing 6 servicemen. Ultimately this lasted 444 days before their release what was this known as?
    The Iran Hostage Crisis
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