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  1. capsul/o
    a little box
  2. cancer/o & carcin/o
    • cancer
    • carcinoid - to resemble cancer
  3. chondr/o
    • cartilage
    • ex. chondrosarcoma: cancerous tumor derived from cartilage cells
  4. chori/o
    • chorion
    • ex. choriocarcinoma: cancerous tumor of the uterus or a tthe site of ectopic pregnancy
  5. Ewings sarcoma
    primary bone cancer occurring in the pelvic area of the bones
  6. dendr/o
  7. duct/o
    to lead
  8. filtrat/o
    to strain through
  9. immun/o
    safe, immunity
  10. lei/o
    • smooth
    • ex. leimyosarcoma: cancerous tumor of smooth muscle tissue
  11. lip/o
  12. malign/o
    bad kind
  13. medull/o
  14. mening/i
    meninges, membrane
  15. mucos/o
  16. mutat/o
    to change
  17. myc/o
  18. myel/o
    • bone marrow
    • ex. myeloma: bone marrow tumor.
  19. onc/o
  20. palliat/o
    • cloaked
    • ex. palliative: pertaining to a form of treatment to relieve or alleviate symptoms without curing
  21. remiss/o
    • remit
    • ex. remission; process of lessening the severity of symptoms; time when symptoms of a disease are controlled.
  22. reticul/o
  23. rhabd/o
  24. semin/i
    • seed
    • ex. seminoma: cancerous tumor of the testis
  25. stom/o
  26. terat/o
    • monster
    • ex. teratoma: cancerous tumor of the ovary or testis, can containg embryonic tissues of hair, teeth etc
  27. thym/o
  28. xer/o
    • dry
    • ex. xerostomia: dryness of the mouth caused by radiation therapy or
    • chemo
  29. -plasia
    • formation
    • ex. anaplasia: characteristic of most cancerous cells in which there is a loss of differentiation & irreversible alteration in adult cells.
  30. brachy-
  31. -plakia
    • plate
    • ex. leokoplakia
  32. -plasia
    • formation
    • anaplasia- characteristic of cancerous cell in wihch there is a loss of differentiation and an irreversible alteration in adult cells
  33. -stasis
    • control
    • ex. metastasis: beyond control. Spreading process of cancer from a p[rimary siet to a secondary site.
  34. 2 ways in which malignant cells spread to body
    invasive growth & metastasis
  35. invasive growth
    spreading process of a malignant tumor into adj normal tissue.
  36. metastasis
    process whereby cancer cells are spread from primary site to distant secondary sites elsewhere in the body.
  37. carcinomas
    • malignant tumors of epithelial tissues
    • ex. breast, skin, tongue, stomach, uterus
  38. sarcomas
    • originate in connective and supportive tissues.
    • ex. muscles, tendons, fat, joints and bones
    • *add -oma to ed = osteosarcoma
  39. leukemias
    cancers of blood forming tissues
  40. lymphomas
    cancer in the lymphoid tissue
  41. myeloma
    tumor arising in the hemopoietic portion of the bone marrow
  42. TNM
    • ex. T2N1M0 - tumor stage 2, lymph node stage 1 and no metastasis
  43. exacerbation
    process of increasing severity of symtoms; a time when the symptoms of a disease are most prevalent - opposite of remission
  44. Adeno-CA
  45. ALL
    acute lymphocytic leukemia
  46. AML
    acute meyloid leukema
  47. CLL
    chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  48. CML
    chronic myelocytic leukemia
  49. AFP
  50. NHL
    non-hodgkins lymphoma
  51. BSE
    brest self examination
  52. CA-125
    cancer antigen 125
  53. FNA
    fine needle aspiration
  54. PSA
    prostate specific antigen
  55. Burkitt's lymphomas
    malignant tumor, commonly in Africa, affects children, massive swollen jaw.
  56. gli/o
    • glue
    • ex. glioma: cancerous tumor of the brian
  57. Hodgkins disease
    • HD
    • form of lymphoma that occurs in children and young adults.
  58. KS
    • Kaposi's sarcoma
    • malignant neoplasm that causes violaceous vascular lesions - seen in AIDS pts
  59. nephroblastoma
    tumor of kidney, aka Wilm's tumor. Found in children ages 2-3
  60. TSE
    testicular self examination
  61. differentiation
    process by which normal cells have a distinct appearance and specialized function
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