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  1. background on richard nixon
    He was a committee member of the House of Representatives, Committee on Un-American Activities (to investigate "subversion"). He tried to catch Alger Hiss who was accused of being a communist agent in the 1930's. This brought Nixon to the attention of the American public. In 1956 he was Eisenhower's Vice-President., When he was elected there was high inflation and economic recession from high spending in the war. His greatest success was easing coldwar tensions and with forign countries. He was impeached because of the Watergate Scandal but resigned before he was removed from office., 37th President of the United States (1969-1974) and the only president to resign the office. He initially escalated the Vietnam War, overseeing secret bombing campaigns, but soon withdrew American troops and successfully negotiated a ceasefire with North Vietnam, effectively ending American involvement in the war. Watergate Scandal.
  2. Eagle
    a small "lunar module" attatched to the nose of Apollo 11 that Armstrong and Aldrin climbed into. they seperated Eagle from the command ship after orbiting the moon to agreed position and landed it on the moon on july 20, 1969. Almost landed in a football field crater with massive bolders but was safely guided by Armstong away and to a smoother landing site
  3. Nixon-Brezhnev Summit
    USSR was mad that Nixon went to china so they invited him and they had a series of talks about space, environment, health, science, and led to SALT talks.
  4. Nixons Inflation Issue
    Nixon’s inflation issue: Stagflation, government continued to pass expensive programs and increase the war in Vietnam, tax reform act of 1969, prices went up 14.5%, and 9% inflation in 1973
  5. "Dirty Tricks"
    Nixon’s team sent fake letters to each Democratic candidate that were mean and signed by other candidates to break the party apart so he would win the 72 election
  6. "Backlash"
    The white people felt discriminated now by all the laws passed that helped the minorities
  7. wage-price freezes
    August 5, 1971 Nixon set a 90 day freeze to control the high prices, first president to ever do it
  8. Budget and Impoundment Act 1974
    A president now could not refuse to spend money that congress voted to spend (Made in response to Nixon)
  9. CBO
    Separate office to give Congress its own income and expense figures because they no longer trusted what the president gave them after Nixon
  10. Fords Inflation
    12% in 1974, he wanted to keep it under control and raise taxes and lower government spending but Congress hated him and made him lower taxes and raise government spending, making everything worse
  11. Background Ronald Reagan
    Former movie star, 2 time governor of California, and strong conservative in the 1976 primaries but Ford beat him out for republican nomination
  12. Background Ford
    Navy then ran family peanut farm in GA after dad died, Senator 64, governor in 70, and won 76 election because of simple ways
  13. Trade Deficit
    We were now spending and importing more than we were exporting
  14. Henry Kissinger and Carter
    He continued to use shuttle diplomacy and other tactics to solve problems in the Middle East, China, USSR, Vietnam, and Indochina while Carter was dealing with problems at home
  15. Prince Sihanouk
    Neutral Cambodian leader who was overthrown by Lon Nol
  16. Khmer Rouge
    Communist group in Cambodia who the NV trained
  17. "Killing Fields"
    The Khmer Rouge would take everyone from cities to the countryside to kill them, later a movie was made about this with the same title
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