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  1. Icarus / Fly too Close to the Sun
    Icarus and Father Daedalus escaped Island of Crete by wings made of wax. Icarus told not to fly to close to the sun, but he did and his wing melted and he died.

    Fail or be destroyed because of lack of caution or excessive abition
  2. Tabula Rasa
    Latin for Blank Slate. Philosopher John Locke referred to the mind of a young person as unaffected. 

    someone or something is unmarked and uninfluenced.
  3. Bread and Circuses
    Imperial government was able to keep the populace content merely by distributing free food and providing entertaining spectacles in the Colosseum- Roman Empire

    polices designed to prevent unrest by keeping people happy and deflecting concern about troubling issues
  4. Deus ex Machina
    mean God from the machane. in classic theater  crane with harness for actor. god fly to earth to solve problem

    surprising turn out of events that suddenly makes things turn out all right. Also considered to be an unsatisfying an overly cinvenient
  5. Tantalus
    Greek Mythology Tantalas was a king who offended the gods and was condemned to suffer eternal hunger and thirst in Hades, every time he tried to drink or eat out of reach.

    offered something desirable which is withheld
  6. Nimby
    acronym for Not In My Back Yard

    people may be aware of the necessity of some unpleasant realities, they insist these places be located away from where they live
  7. Waterloo
    In 1815 battle of waterloo in Belgium Final battle of the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleo finally defeated

    to suffer an ultimatic, decisive defeat
  8. Left Handed Compliment
    Left had associated with something negative. Clumsy, doubtful sincerity, sinister side. 

    despite being a compliment, is insulting or rude in some way
  9. The Emperor's New Clothes
    Han Christian Andersen's Story an emperor hires two tailors who promise to make him a new set of clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or unfit for office. People pretended to admire them. In a parade a child finally shouts the truth. 

    small child pointing out the falseness or pretentiousness of something especially when others are afraid to admit the truth
  10. Golden Calf
    In the book of Exodus, Moses is leading his people out of Egypt to the Promised Land. While Moses is up on Mt. Sinai receiving the ten commandments the people melted down jewelry and made a calf of gold to worship. Moses is mad and breaks stone tablets.

    an item that is worshiped even though it is not worthy if worship
  11. Sword of Damocles
    Damocles was ta courtier of a Greek king, talked about how wonderful life the king led. Let Damocles sit in his seat  a sword was suspended over him never felt comfortable. 

    awareness of impending of imminent danger.
  12. Svengali
    svengali is the name if a character in Trilby a novel George du Maurier. Svengali is a singing master who teaches Trilby to sing. when svengali dies trilby is no longer able to sing.

    is a person who exercises excessive control or influence over another person
  13. Fiddle While Rome Burns
    During the reign of the Roman emperor Nero a fire consumed half of Rome. Nero played the violin while the emergency was happening. He did care about the people,

    to display indifference in the midst of an emergency
  14. Non Sequitur
    Latin means  It Does Not Follow

    The phrase can refer to a statement that is unrelated to what has been said before. In logic a non sequitur is a conclusion that does not logically follow from the premises.
  15. Whit Elephant
    White Elephant occur time to time in India , Asia, Africa.These were rare and in Thailand these  elephant were born to the king  but he realized they were very costly. So he gave them to the people he didn't like. 

    object/ gift that has not use  to its owner and may even represent a financial burden or an inconvenience
  16. Achilles Heel
    When achilles was a baby his mother dipped him in the river styx because water from the river gave immortality to humans. His mother held him by his heal that was the only place that the water didnt touch. During the Trojan War a poison arrow hit his heel

    a persons area of particular vulnerability
  17. Pound of Flesh
    Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Sherlock a moneylender agrees to finance a fleet of ships for  young merchant Antonio. In contract Shylock insists that he must have a pound of flesh.  Antonio is spared because of a technicality in the contract did not say his blood

    insist in being repaied even if the repayment will destroy or harm the debtor.
  18. Sacred Cow
    Hinduism cows are considered sacred, so cows are not harmed or killed. In a cow wonders in a shop it can only try to lure it out even if it breaks things.

    something that cannot be interfered with or harmed in any way
  19. Crossing the Rubicon
    In the Gallic Wars Julius Caesar was ordered home they travel south toward Italy. The Rubicon was a river  forming the northern boundary of Italy, an army could not cross that river but they did and made a civil war inevitable there was no turning back

    to take an irreversible step often involving some danger.
  20. Pearls before Swine
    In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus admonished his followers to cast not your pearls before swine. Pigs would be able to appreciate pearls if the jewels were just given to them

    offer something precious to someone , or a group of people , unable to appreciate the value of what they are being given
  21. Thirty Pieces of Silver/ Betrayed with a Kiss
    In the bible  Judas Iscariot was the disciple who agreed to betray Jesus to the authorities in exchange for thirty pieces of gold. He would identify Jesus with a kiss.

    • payment received for an act of treachery 
    • suppose friend's treachery
  22. Gordian Knot
    Gordius was a Greek king. He tied a complex knot and said who ever could untie it would rule Asia. Alexander the Great cut it with a sword. 

    • extremley complex problem 
    • solving a problem in a quick decisive manner
  23. Ivory Tower
    French Poet Alfred de Vigny was said to have shut himself in an ivory tower so he could compose poems. Fairy tales, a beautiful, unreachable place. Out of touch with reality

    secluded or protected from the real world  and thus out of touch with reality
  24. All that Glitters is not Gold
    Proverb  derived from a Latin translation if Aristotle. Proverb Do not hold as gold all that shines as gold

    appears valuable on the outside may in fact be less that valuable. Appearances can be deceptive
  25. Sound and Fury
    In shakespeare's  Macebeth he is informed that his wife is died, he speaks of the inevitable of death

    refers to a great tumultuous and passionate uproar that is actually unimportant or meaningless
  26. Once in a Blue Moon
    blue moon is a second full moon within the same calendar month. Phenomenon that occurs approximately three years. First full moon read second blue

    occur very rarely
  27. Mrs. Grundy
    In the speed  the plough by Thomas Morton, Mrs. Grundy is a character who never appears on stage. But character frequently ask what would Mrs. Grundy say. 

    an attitude of narrow - minded  prudishness
  28. Crocodile Tears
    Crocodiles were once thought to shed large tears before devouring their prey. They have small ducts in the corner of their eyes which release tears when the crocodile opens its jaw s wide

    to show false sympathy for someone
  29. Sirens
    greek mythology sea  creatures who lured sailors to their deaths on the rocky shores by singing irresistible songs. Half women half bird

    • anything that tempts a person away form safety and toward a destructive path. 
    • temptation used to lure a person.
  30. Read the Riot Act
    Under English Common law an unruly crowd had to be read the riot act before action could be taken to force them in disperse.

    stern warning  that if unacceptable behavior does not cease severe consequences will follow
  31. abstract language
    discribing ideas and qualites rather than observable or specific things
  32. ad hominem
    latin for against the man when a writer personally attacks his or her opponents instead if their arguments
  33. allegory
    a narrative that seves as an extended metaphor a literary work in which character objects or actions represent abstractions
  34. alliteration
    a narrative that serves as an extended metaphor
  35. allusion
    a brief reference to something literary, mythological, or historical
  36. alliteration
    repitition of the same sounds beginning several words in sequence
  37. analogy
    a partial similarity of features on which comparison may be based.
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