Spanish Verbs- Stem e -> ie

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  1. cerrar
    to close
  2. acertar
    to manage to
  3. advertir
    to alert
  4. atender
    to asist
  5. atravesar
    to cross
  6. calentar
    to heat
  7. comenzar
    to begin
  8. confesar
    to confess
  9. convertir
    to convert
  10. defender
    to defend
  11. despertar
    to wake up
  12. divertir
    to have fun
  13. empezar
    to begin
  14. encender
    to light
  15. entender
    to understand
  16. fregar
    to scrub
  17. herir
    to injure
  18. hervir
    to boil
  19. mentir
    to lie
  20. negar
    to deny
  21. pensar
    to think
  22. perder
    to lose
  23. preferir
    to prefer
  24. querer
    to want
  25. regar
    to water
  26. sugerir
    to suggest
  27. temblar
    to tremble
  28. tender
    to spread over
  29. tropezar
    to stumble
  30. verter
    to spill
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