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  1. A/THR
    Auto Thrust

  2. ACP
    Audio Control Panel
  3. ADIRS
    Air Data Inertial Reference System
  4. ADIRU
    Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
  5. ADR
    Air Data Reference
  6. BMC
    Bleed Monitoring Computer
  7. BSCU
    Brake Steering Control Unit
  8. CDU
    Control Display Unit
  9. CFDIU
    Centralized Fault Data Interface Unit
  10. CFDS
    Centralized Fault Display System
  11. CIDS
    Cabin Inter-Communication Data System
  12. CRC
    Continuous Repetitive Chime 
  13. CRT
    Cathode Ray Tube
  14. CSD
    Constant Speed Drive
  15. CVR
    Cockpit Voice Recorder
  16. DFDR
    Digital Flight Data Recorder
  17. DMC
    Display Management Computer
  18. DU
    Display Unit
  19. E/WD
    Engine/Warning Display
  20. EAI
    Engine Anti Ice
  21. ECAM
    Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
  22. ECB
    Electronic Control Box
  23. ELAC
    Elevator Aileron Computer
  24. FAC
    Flight Augmentation Computer
  25. FADEC
    Full Authority Digital Engine Control
  26. FCU
    Flight Control Unit
  27. FLX/MCT
    Flex/Maximum Continuous Thrust
  28. FMA
    Flight Mode Annunciator 
  29. FMGC
    Flight Management Guidance Computer
  30. FMGS
    Flight Management Guidance System
  31. FPA
    Flight Path Angle
  32. FPD
    Flight Path Director
  33. FPV
    Flight Path Director
  34. FWC
    Flight Warning Computer
  35. GCU
    Generator Control Unit
  36. IRS
    Inertial Reference System
  37. LAF
    Load Alleviation Function 
  38. LGCIU
    Landing Gear Control Interface Unit
  39. MCDU
    Multifunction Control Display Unit
  40. ND
    Navigation Display
  41. PFD
    Primary Flight Display
  42. PPOS
    Present Position for (Dynamic)
  43. PTU
    Power Transfer Unit
  44. RAT
    Ram Air Turbine (blue hydraulic sys)
  45. RMP
    Radio Management Panel
  46. SEC
    Spoiler Elevator Computer
  47. SRS
    Speed Reference System
  48. THS
    Trim-able Horizontal Stabilizer 
  49. TLA
    Thrust Lever Angle
  50. V/DEV
    Vertical Deviation
  51. WAI
    Wing Anti Ice
  52. WTB
    Wing Tip Brakes

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