Update Manager Architecture and Process

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  1. What actions do Update Rules take?
    • Assign image profiles and host profiles to a set of hosts
    • Specify the location (folder or cluster) of a host on the target vCenter Server system.
  2. How do Update Rules identify targets hosts?
    • Boot MAC address,
    • SMBIOS information,
    • BIOS UUID,
    • Vendor,
    • Model,
    • Fixed DHCP IP address.
  3. Which types of rule sets does Auto Deploy support at any one time?
    Active rule set and the Working rule set, are supported.
  4. Once a rule is added to a rule set which of the operations can be performed on it?
    A. It can be edited, but not deleted
    B. Copied, Edited and Deleted
    C. Copied and only then edited.
    D. Copied and edited, but not deleted
    C. After you add a rule to a rule set, you can no longer change the rule. Instead, you copy the rule and replace either items or patterns. By default, Auto Deploy uses the name of the rule for the copy and hides the original rule.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  5. What are the differences between the two types of Auto Deploy rule sets?
    • The Active Rule Set ¬†is¬†checked when a newly started host contacts the Auto Deploy server with a request for an image profile. The image profile, host profile, and vCenter Server inventory location that are mapped by matching rules are then used to boot the host.
    • If more than one item of the same type is mapped by the rules, the Auto Deploy server uses the item that is first in the rule set.

    • The Working Rule Set is used to test changes to rules before making the changes active, such as testing compliance
    • By default, cmdlets add the rule to the working rule set and activate the rules.
    • The NoActivate parameter to add a rule only to the working rule set.
  6. If I wanted to provision a new server with Auto Deploy what would I do?
    • 1. Boot up the server
    • 2.
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