week 3. idioms. unit 21-22

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  1. b4 the interview, relaxed and confident
    be cool, calm and collected
  2. nervous
    feel on edge
  3. tired, unhappy, annoying
    be at the end of my tether
  4. = have had enough with st
    had my fill of st
  5. impress sb
    take sb's breath away
  6. the news so terrible that..
    I didnt know what had hit me
  7. mong có cái lỗ để trốn đi
    not know where to put myself
  8. kindly
    take kindly to st
  9. ko biết phải làm sao
    dont know which way to turn
  10. được ấn tượng tôt, được đánh giá cao
    be in sb's good books
  11. get on well
    get on like a house on fire
  12. đền bù cho ai
    i'll make it up to you
  13. thích ai đó
    take (a shine) to sb
  14. have affection for
    have a soft spot for
  15. bất đồng quan điểm
    be at loggerheads
  16. 2 người nói 2 chủ đề khác nhau
    be (talking) at cross-purposes
  17. nhất định sẽ chỉ trích, làm hại ai
    have it in for sb
  18. nói chuyện với ai về những j họ đã làm
    have it out with sb
  19. bắt cá 2 tay với ai đó (lừa gạt ai đó) - verb
    two-time sb

    he was two-timing her
  20. phòng ngừa, tránh xa
    keep st at bay
  21. sống khép kín, 1 mình
    keep yourself to yourself

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