8.2 - Environmental and Medical Issues

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  1. Effects of Global Warming
    • Ice melts in polar regions meaning that sea levels rise and some land is submerged in water.
    • In hotter areas, their are drought leading to lack of food and famines.
    • Increase in extreme weather, like hurricanes and flash floods.
    • Some animals or plants may die out if they can't adapt.
  2. Forms of Pollution
    • Waste: Waste that is not biodegradable or recyclable increases leading to spreading of diseases or dangerous chemicals being released.
    • Air: Substances released into air change the chemical balance - can cause smog or acid rain.
    • Land: Soil is contaminated with chemicals which leads to poor plant growth and threatens animal habitats.
    • Water: Contaminated rivers, streams, reservoirs affect water quality and animals and plants that live there.
  3. Solutions to Pollution
    • Create less waste - Recycle and Re-use.
    • Alternative energy resource - Use of renewable sources like solar and wind power.
    • Government action - Anti pollution laws limit the amount of pollution.
    • Alternative manufacturing methods - Research ways of manufacturing that cause less waste.
  4. Renewable Resources
    • Advantages: Reuse it. No Greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Disadvantages: Not reliable. Expensive. Eyesore
  5. Non-renewable resources
    • Advantages: Reliable. Less expensive. More energy.
    • Disadvantages: Runs out. Greenhouse gas emissions. Sometimes less efficient.
  6. Conservation of Natural Resources
    • Use renewable energy sources.
    • Conserve electricity.
    • Walk or cycle rather than drive.
    • Use products made from renewable sources.
  7. Christian Teachings on Stewardship
    • Stewardship: God gave humans the world to look after so they must for future generations.
    • Authority or dominion:
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