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  1. Nationalism
    people who are joined together by bonds of common language, culture, and history.
  2. liberalism
    defined as almost anyone or anything that challenged the dominant political, social, and religious values.
  3. conservatism
    consisted of legit monarchies, landed aristocrats, and established churches.
  4. Burschenschaften
    student social clubs that served numerous social functions. One of which was to replace old provincial attachments with loyalty of the concept of a united German State
  5. Coercian Acts of 1817
    Temporarily suspended habeous corpous and extended existing laws against seditious gathering.
  6. Six Acts
    Six acts passed after the Peter loo massacre that greatly suppressed rights in Germany
  7. Peterloo Massacre
    During a german reform meeting royal troops and militia were ordered into a crowd and created panic which ended in death
  8. The Charter
    provided a hereditary monarchy and a bicameral legislature.
  9. Congress system
    Years immediatly after the congress of vienna the new congress system of mutual cooperation and consultation functioned well.
  10. Treaty of Adrianople
    Treaty that ended the Greek Revolution that stipulated the Turks would allow Britian, France, and Russia to decide the future of Greece.
  11. Toussaint L' Ouverture
    A former slave that emerged leader in a slave rebellion in Haiti which eventually succeeded with the help of the french
  12. Simon Bolivar
    A leader in leberating the northern central America and was a firm believer in indepencdence and a republic
  13. Organic Statue
    Issued by Nicholas I which declared Poland to be an integral part of the Russian Empire
  14. Charles X
    After  the death of Louis XVIII the brother know as Charles X was count of Artois, the leader of the ultra royalist faction, succeeded him. Became King of France
  15. July Revolution
    Charles X called for new elections in which liberals won astonishingly. Insted of accepting this the king attempted to seizure of power cause revolution.
  16. Four Ordinances
    The document Charles X imposed to which supressed rights of the people and kept him in power
  17. Louis Philippe
    Named the king of the french took over in the new regime
  18. Great Reform Bill
    Reform parlement in a conservative and reform accommodated each other
  19. Catholic Emancipation Act
    In fear of a turn of the Irish, Britian issued this act which allowed catholic church memebers in their parlement which included Ireland.
  20. Daniel O'Connell
    Leader in Ireland who pushed for a Catholic Association and inturn pushed for a seat in parliament
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