ES Chapter 4

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  1. what are the 2 types of cut outs
    load break; non load break
  2. CSP transformer
    completely self protected
  3. what is typically attached to the tank of a CSP transformer
    surge arrestor
  4. what two protective devices are built into CPS transformers
    an internal current limiting fuse; secondary circuit breaker
  5. in a CPS transformer what does the handle operate
    the internal circuit breaker that operates the secondary bushing
  6. what protective devices does a conventional transformer have
    external switch; fused cut out, and surge arresters
  7. single phase transformers are verstitile because
    they can be installed individually or in banks to supply proper voltage
  8. define protective equipment
    anything that will de energize a line automatically
  9. what causes fuses to blow
    heat; amperage
  10. surge arrestors are located in areas to
    protect lines and equipment from surges and over voltage
  11. how is a surge arrestor wired to the line
    top is connected to a phase; bottom is connected to ground
  12. what does a piece of equipment connected in series have to have
    full power flow through it
  13. key components of a gang operated switch
    open all phases at same time; wired in series
  14. reclosers do what
    close a line after a temporary fault has cleared
  15. what does the recloser do if the fault is permanent
    locks out the de energized line until it is repaired
  16. what percent of faults are temporary in nature
  17. when does a fault current occur
    when energized conductor insulated from the ground comes in contact with another energized conductor or ground conductor
  18. sectionalizer is a device that
    clears faulted sections of line in coordination with a recloser
  19. do sectionalizer open on a energized line or de energized line
    de energized
  20. what do voltage regulators do
    allows utilities to maintain voltage levels within acceptable limit +/- 10%
  21. 4 characteristics of a voltage regulator
    automatic trans installed in series with a line; all of the line current must pass through regulator; they are easily identified by the dial indicator located at the top of unit; not a piece of electrical equipment
  22. 2 characteristics of a capacitor bank
    they have conductive plates separated by a dielectric (insulated) material; connected in parallel
  23. gang operated switches do allow what; how are they wired
    to mechanically open a three phase line; wired in series
  24. distribution systems are designed to
    minimize outage time to customers
  25. what is the height range for the majority of distribution poles
    35-55 feet
  26. what can commercial and industrial customers experience when the power goes out
    significant monetary losses
  27. in what manner is protective equipment designed and coordinated in
    which distinguishes temporary faults from permanent faults
  28. 6 parts of underground cable
    concentric copper shield wire (or neutral); polyethylene jacket; semi conducting conductor shield; ethylene propylene rubber insulation; semi conducting conductor shield; conductor
  29. 4 parts of underground conduit construction
    spacer; obstruction; coupling; reinforcing steel rods
  30. 2 types of vaults
    enclosures or manholes
  31. what is radial tie
    the ability to take a section of line out of service and supply power from other circuits; loop fed
  32. where are power transformers used
    inside sub stations
  33. underground risers consist of what
    cut outs for opening the circuit; surge arresstors to protect the cables and equipment from over voltage conditions
  34. what is an easement
    areas designated or reserved for installation of distribution lines = franchise agreement; can be preserved by city or county; can require the utility to secure from the landowners
  35. what is joint use
    poles or underground trench use by other utility as ling as they comply with the NEC
  36. protective equipment mainly consists of
    fused cutout switches; reclosers; sectionalizers; and lighting arresters
  37. 9 components in a substation
    power transformers; circuit breakers; disconnect switches; current and potential transformers; capacitors and reactors; voltage regulators; steel structures
  38. a piece of equipment connected is series has what
    full power coming in and out of it
  39. a piece of equipment connected in parallel
    not all power flows through it
  40. as voltage increases so does
  41. as amperage increases so does what
  42. what cause a fault
    phase to phase or phase to ground
  43. 3 pieces of equipment not connected in series
    capacitor, surge arrestor, transformer
  44. CPS transformer. list its functions; what is the handle's function; what is it connected to
    disconnect load; internal secondary circuit breaker
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