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  1. present indicative conjugation of discO
    discO    discimus

    discis    discitis

    discimus  discunt
  2. present subjunctive conjugation of bibO
    bibam    bibAmus

    bibAs    bibAtis

    bibat    bibant
  3. bibimus
    We drink.
  4. bibAmus
    let us drink (we may drink/we should drink)
  5. discunt
    they are learning
  6. discant
    Let them learn., (they may learn/ they should learn)
  7. dEsinitis
    you cease
  8. dEsinAtis
    you may cease (you should cease)
  9. The women learn.
    MulierEs discunt.
  10. The women may learn
    Discant mulierEs.
  11. let us learn the Latin language.
    Linguam LatInam discAmus
  12. Stop! (sing)
  13. Stop! (pl)
  14. The soldiers are eating so that they may live.
    Edunt mIlitEs ut vIvant.
  15. Let the soldier eat and drink.
    Edat bibatque mIles.
  16. Let us drink so that we may live.
    BibAmus ut vIvAmus.
  17. Vincit Caesar.
    Caesar is conquering
  18. Caesar may conquer.
    Caesar vincat.
  19. Let there be light! (Let light come into existence!)
    FIat lUx!
  20. Greetings, (male and female) students!
    SalvEte, discipulI discipulaeque!
  21. Generally, three types of present-tense subjunctive translations...
    let verb

    may verb

    should verb
  22. two voices of Latin verbs
    active (I pay)

    passive (I am paid)
  23. three moods of Latin verbs
    indicative, imperative, subjunctive
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