Phlebotomy Quiz #8

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  1. non-blood specimen labels includes ____
    specimen type
  2. test to detect UTI
  3. 24-hour catch procedure
    • discard 1st morning
    • start timing
    • collect rest of urine for 24 hrs including the "2nd" morning
  4. Most frequently tested non-blood specimen
  5. lung fluid (2 l's)
    pleural (2-l's)
  6. iontophoresis collects ____
  7. saliva detects what 3 things
    • alcohol
    • drugs
    • hormones
  8. test which uses refrigerated stool (state question)
    fecal fat
  9. breath test detects organisms causing (e-e-u from breath test causing)
    peptic ulcers
  10. serous fluid example (eu from serous)
    pleural fluid
  11. cleaning for blood alcohol, 3
    • Betadine
    • Chlorihexadine
    • Hydrogen peroxide
  12. lipemic specimen
    cloudy b/c of diet
  13. most often a timed specimen test
  14. tube critical to have a 9:1 ratio of blood to anticoagulant
    Lt Blue
  15. 2-hour PP (post prandial) tests for
  16. test for gestational diabetes
    glucose challenge
  17. fast for an FBS
    8-12 hrs
  18. why use platelet function analyzer (PFA-100) instead of bleeding time
    easier & less painful
  19. peak levels of this analyte occur at 0800 hrs
    cortisol (hydrocortisone)
  20. PICC vs a central line
    • PICC = 1 line in the arm
    • Central line = multiple lines in the chest
  21. one blood donor unit =
    450-500 ml
  22. blood donors screen for A&W
    • anemia
    • age (18)
    • weight (110)
  23. autologous blood =
    self-donated blood
  24. hemochromatosis
    body stores abnormal amounts of iron
  25. arterial punctures done mostly from
    artery in wrist
  26. diurtnal variation
    normal daily lab value variations
  27. glycolysis
    bodily breakdown of glucose by enzymes
  28. analyte
    lab analysis of a substance
  29. assay
    substance undergoing analysis
  30. lipemic
    increased blood fats
  31. bleeding time or PFA
    evaluates platelet function
  32. gestational diabetes
    increased blood sugar during pregancy
  33. cannula
    hollow tube used for blood access

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Phlebotomy Quiz
Phlebotomy Quiz #8
Phlebotomy Quiz #8
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