set up captain 2

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  1. what doors are open
    • FWD is between FO and wing   
    • CTR is FO tail side
    • AFT is CPT tail side
  2. Fuel truck
    Stab trim
  3. Announce clear or not let FO know status of preflight
    check fuel enter into note card if note done earlier pull 10-10 page again
  4. ATIS
    confirm dept ATIS city and time
  5. set altimeter = PFD and standby
    enter OAT on TO/APPR page
  6. Ref key A/C status Check
    Pull up REF the POS REF

    Check against 10-10
  7. Pull Phone out
    Set timer for APU
  8. Headset
    Window closed and locked
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