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  1. ________ indicates the malfunction of Low Stage Bleed Air Regulator and Shutt Off Valve or High Stage Bleed Air Regulator and Shutt Off Valve.
    Over Pressure Indicator
  2. The High Stage Bleed Air Regulator and Shutt Off Valve is used during ______ throttle settings.
  3. Which switch electrically controls the three primary bleed air valves ?
    Air Source Switch
  4. Wchich componet controls Ejector Shutoff Valve ?
    EDCS Sensor/ Controller(EDC S/C)
  5. What is the purpose of Ejector Shuttoff Valve ?
    Increase the cooling efficiency of the heat exchanger during low airspeed under 160Knots, Ground operation and Over-tmperature conditions at high air speed over 160Knots.
  6. Which componet provides input to the EDC S/C about acraft Atitude and Airspeed ?
    CADC(Control Air Data Computer)
  7. What are the two functions of Compressor Intel Temp Sensor ?
    • (1) Air temperature above 370° and below 400°F Compressor Intel Temp Sensor signals the EDC SC to open the Ejector Shutoff Valve to increase the cooling efficiency.
    • (2) Air temperature exceeds 465°F, Compressor Intel Temp Sensor signals the EDC SC to reduce the airflow through Variable Air Pressure Regulator and Shutoff Valve(VAPR)
  8. What are the three functions of Turbaine Inlet Temp Sensor ?
    • (1) Temperature above 180° and 225°F, Ejector valve de-energized open by EDC S/C to increase cooling in heat exchanger
    • (2) Temperature exceeds 225°F, EDC S/C siganals Converter Transducer to reduce Variable Air Pressure Regulator and Shutoff Valve(VAPR) optput.
    • (3) Temperature exceeds 280°F EDC S/C places system in Cutback Mode. System operates on low stage air.
  9. What is the purpose of Servo Air System ?
    Servo air is used to actuate valves to open or closed.
  10. What is the purpose of Ground Service Check Valve?
    The Ground Service Check Valve incorporates a dual chek valve that prevents the discharge of engine bleed air during flight and on ground.
  11. Which four switch energize the Air Over-Temperature Relay ?
    • (1) Hot Air Bypass Thermostatic Swithch
    • (2) Turbine Inlet Shutoff Thermostatic Switch 
    • (3) Fuel Pressure Supply Thermostatic Swithch
    • (4) Cockpit Supply Thermostatic Switch
  12. How to make V-Couplings air tight.
    V-Couplings use a reusable E-seal gasket to form an air tight seal.
  13. What is the over-pressure relief setting of the Servo Air Pressure Regulator ?
    25 PSIG
  14. What are the materials used to construct Hot Air Ducts?
    Hot air ducting is constructed of Inconel and Steel.
  15. What are the materials used to construct Cold Air Ducts?
    Cold air ducting is constructed of Aluminum Alloy.
  16. ________ couplings are used for hot air ducts only.
  17. ________ couplings are used for cold air ducts only.
    Low pressure flexible couplings.
  18. ________ couplings are used for Hot and Cold air ducts.
    Fixed cavity flexible couplings.
  19. What are the three things ECS Tester is used to isolate system malfunction by monitoring?
    • (1) Pressure
    • (2) Temperature
    • (3) Electrical signals
  20. Where did the ECS Tester get power from? 
    From the Aircraft.
  21. Which component serves as a circuit braken in the ECS Tester? 
    On/Off Switch
  22. How to interface BP(Base Panel) with the DDP(Digital Data Panel) in the ECS Tester?
    Using the Tester Interconnect Cable.
  23. Where to connect Auxiliary Temperature Probe in ECS Tester?
    Auxiliary Temperature Input
  24. What is the use of Auxiliary Temperature Probe?
    Measures ambient or internal duct temperature.
  25. ECS Tester is calibrated at ______ °F
  26. The test points marked High and Low are used when taking _______ voltage readings.
  27. ECS Tester, Pressure knob is used in conjuntin with Pressure select handles and _____ .
    Pressure input ports
  28. In ECS Tester, 15 in H²O measures air pressure in _________.
    Inches of water.
  29. What are the 6 items that are kept in the ECS Tester Storage Compartment.
    • (1) Multi-Meter leads
    • (2) Pneumatic hoses
    • (3) Cables
    • (4) Unions for pneumatic hoses
    • (5) Adapters
    • (6) Auxiliary temperature probe
  30. What is the first stage in the cooling process?
    Primary and Secondary heat exchanges.
  31. What prevents the turbaine from over-speeding?
    Compressor turbine
  32. Which componet removes the moisture from the conditioned air? 
    Water separator
  33. Water separator removes the moisure from ______.
    Conditioned air
  34. What kind of lubrication system the cooling air turbine uses? 
    Air foil(a thin lair of air called Air foil or Air bearing)
  35. The discharge temperature of the water separeator at 31,000 feet or above is _____.
    0° F
  36. The discharge temperature of the water separeator at 27,000 feet and below is _____.
    35° F
  37. The discharge temperature of the water separeator at 27,000 to 31,000 feet is _____.
    Maintained proportional to altitude.
  38. The pilot can pre-select any disired cabin temperature by using the _______.
    Cabin Temp Selector Switch
  39. Which componet aids the Cabin/Cockpit sensor to respond quicker to cabin temperature changes? 
    Axial Flow Sensor Fan
  40. The Cabin Temperature Sensor have a _______ coefficent sensing elemet to provide temperatue signals to the Cabin Temperature Sensor Controller.
  41. What are the 5 componets engaged in Automatic Cabin Temperature control?
    • (1) Cabin Temperature Sensor/Controller
    • (2) Cabin Temperature Selecor Switch
    • (3) Cabin/Cockpit Temperature Sensor
    • (4) Duck Temperature Sensor
    • (5) Cabin Temperature control Valve
  42. Which componet actuate th Micro switches? 
    Defog lever.
  43. Placing the defog lever to the ______ position will energize the three minute time delay module.
    3/4th to MAX
  44. What is the temperature of air entering to the equipment bay? 
    Between 0° F to 35°F
  45. What are the two purpose of equipment cooling? 
    • (1) Extend component life
    • (2) Prevent overheating
  46. Which componet modulates cooling air flow to the electronic equipment to maintain desired cooling?
    Equipment Cooling Modulating Valve
  47. Which component controls the Equipment Cooling Modulating Valve and Priority Valve? 
    Equipment Cooling Sensor Controller
  48. Which component energizes the Environmental Control Relay, when 64PSI for 60 Seconds? 
    Low flow sensor in the Equipment Cooling Sensor Controller.
  49. Which component regulates the suply of cooling air to the lower equipment bay? 
    Lower equipment bay cold air shutoff valve
  50. What provides a connection/Disconnection port for an external air conditioner? 
    Ground cooling receptacle
  51. Which valve in the Equipment Cooling System, can not be closed in flight? 
    Radar cooling shutoff valve
  52. Which component dodulates only after Equipment Cooling Modulating Valve is fully open and provides added restriction to cockpit airflow? 
    Priority Valve
  53. Which cooling system is used on equipment that generates excessive heat? 
    Forced Air
  54. Which cooling system is used where excessive heat is not generated? 
    Free Convection Cooling System.
  55. Forced air system maintains a discharge temperature at ______.
    140° F
  56. How is cooling air supplied during ground maintenance operation with out operating the Aircraft A/C system?
    Ground Air Conditioning Cart connected to the Ground Coling Receptacle.
  57. In the Equipment Cooling System, Which component receives a "Sample" portion of cold air? 
    Equipment Cooling Sensor Controller
  58. If the Equipment Hot Light comes on, What are the options the Pilot have? 
    • (1) Increase engine power
    • (2) Turn off non-essential equipments.
  59. Where is the air tapped from for the Canopy seal system?
    The outlet side of the Regenerative Heat Exchanger.
  60. When the canopy is closed and locked, a pluncher is released on the regulator and the regulator will inflate the sel to ____ above cabin pressure.
    25 PSID
  61. Canopy Seal System the over pressure relief valve is set at _____ PSI
  62. In the fighter pressurization system, the Cabin Air Pressure Regulator Valve is a ________ type.
    Fixed isobaric Single differential
  63. Differential 23,000ft to MAX operation altitude, the pressure is maintaind at _______________.
    5 PSID above the atmospheric pressure.
  64. In the Isobaric range, cabin pressure is maintained at ________ feet.
  65. The Unpressurised range(Between sea level and 8,000 feet) cabin pressure is?  
    Cabin pressure is equels to atmospheric pressure.
  66. What are the three functions of the Cabin Pressure Dump Relief Valve? 
    • (1) Dump cabin pressure
    • (2) Excessive pressure relief
    • (3) Negetive pressure relief
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