Spanish -ar Verbs

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  1. Ayudar
    to help
  2. Bajar
    to go down, descend
  3. Borrar
    to erase
  4. Buscar
    to look for, seek
  5. Caminar
    to walk
  6. Cantar
    to sing
  7. Coleccionar
    to collect
  8. Comprar
    to buy
  9. Contestar
    to answer
  10. Cultivar
    to cultivate
  11. Dejar
    to let, allow, leave
  12. Descansar
    to rest
  13. Desear
    to want, wish
  14. Enseñar
    to teach, show
  15. Entrar
    to enter
  16. Escuchar
    to listen (to)
  17. Esperar
    to wait for, await, hope, expect
  18. Estudiar
    to study
  19. Explicar
    to explain
  20. Gritar
    to shout
  21. Hablar
    to talk
  22. Hallar
    to find
  23. Invitar
    to invite
  24. Llenar
    to fill
  25. Llevar
    to carry, wear
  26. Mirar
    to look (at)
  27. Necesitar
    to need
  28. Pagar
    to pay (for)
  29. Pasar
    to pass, spend (time)
  30. Patinar
    to skate
  31. Practicar
    to practice
  32. Preguntar
    to ask
  33. Preparar
    to prepare
  34. Quitar
    to take away
  35. Regressar
    to return
  36. Sacar
    to take out, to take (photo)
  37. Tomar
    to take, eat, drink
  38. Trabajar
    to work
  39. Usar
    to use
  40. Viajar
    to travel
  41. Visitar
    to visit
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