Weight Loss Habits

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  1. Every morning when I go into the bathroom I...
    ...weigh myself and record it. If it is Sabbath, I measure myself too.
  2. Exercising
    Do your daily exercises every morning, with power breathing. Sabbath and ill days only do the daily maintenance, all other days also do a workout. If you are well enough to get out of bed you are well enough to exercise in some form. The deep breathing kickstarts your fat burning. Exercise increases your metabolism during and afterwards. When you feel loose and limber, you feel good about yourself and you feel pretty, which encourages you to engage in healthy actions. Whereas when you feel tight, you tend to sit a lot and eat more. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is. Even if you aren't a bodybuilder, if you have a layer of muscle all over your body, you will burn more calories 24 hours a day.
  3. Meal planning
    Have a large high fat, low carb breakfast. Eat your highest carb dishes with your lunch. Have a light dinner so you can go to bed almost empty. 50% of your total food for the day should be vegetable matter, and consume raw food every day, ideally at every meal. Create highly flavorful meals and beautiful place settings, and eat with a sense of ritual and specialness. Reduce the size of your portions by a bite or two. Plan out each meal to balance pleasure and health. Be creative in what I'm willing to prepare and keep a list of foods I've been craving, to refer to. At each meal select three to four small dishes with contrasting flavors since the most pleasure is in the first three or four bites. Experiment with presentation, copying things from Tastespotting and trying things out.
  4. How to eat:
    Sit down to eat (no computer, books, or TV). If this is terribly hard, turn on a screensaver. Take small portions and eat very slowly. Put the utensil down between every bite and don't pick it up until my mouth is empty. Take a sip of my beverage between bites. Chew each bite 40 times or until it is goo. This is the first great commandment for weight loss! Focus on tasting, savoring, and maximizing the pleasure of each bite. Eat slowly, comparing flavors, and chewing eat bite until all flavor has been extracted. This may be the only opportunities I have today to meditate. I close my eyes sometimes to enhance the sensation of the flavor. I smile to feel my mood lift and my body relax. I breathe deeply and embrace the whole mind-body relaxation. Make my small portion take as long as everybody else's entire meal with seconds and thirds. As I finish my food, I ask myself how I feel. If I feel too full, I make a mental note to prepare a little less next time.
  5. Alcohol:
    Drink as little alcohol as you can, and only drink it as a planned out pleasure. Never drink it mindlessly. Daily alcohol hugely increases belly size.
  6. Breathing:
    Do power breathing anytime I am using the computer or driving, and go full volume and force.
  7. Stomach posture:
    Keep my stomach tightly sucked in all the time (until it keeps itself in)
  8. Snacking:
    Don't snack. Ever. You don't notice your snacks. They don't contribute to feeling satisfied, so you eat more and more and can't figure out why you are gaining weight, as your meals may be very healthy and properly balanced. Snacking rarely ever reduces how much you eat at meals. You just add it on top. The French don't snack.
  9. Water:
    Drink a half an oz of water every day for every pound you weigh. Most of the chemical processes in your body occur in water, so you must be well hydrated to function properly. Models everywhere swear by water drinking as the best weight loss and beautifying habit you can have. They drink like fish.
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