Psych Exam 1

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  1. Describe major characteristics of mental health and mental illness. (1.1)
  2. Discuss the purpose and use of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR), especially focus on the 5 axis. (1.2)
  3. Differentiate among major theoretical perspectives used as a foundation to treat people with psychiatric disorders/mental health problems. (1.3)
  4. Explain the major components of a psychosocial
    assessment. (1.4)
  5. Review of important tips for interviewing patients with psychiatric disorders. (1.5)
  6. Discuss legal and ethical considerations associated with providing mental health care.(2.1)
  7. Discuss critical components and phases of the nurse-patient relationship. (2.2)
  8. Describe the importance of self-awareness and the therapeutic use of self in the nurse-patient relationship. (2.3)
  9. Discuss the Nursing Process in Psychiatric Mental Health Care. (2.4)
  10. Explain the concept of anxiety and how it relates to anxiety disorders. (3.1)
  11. Compare and contrast the common themes and distinctive characteristics of anxiety disorders. (3.2)
  12. Apply the nursing process to the care of patients experiencing mild, moderate, severe and panic levels of anxiety. (3.3)
  13. Demonstrate understanding of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions used for anxiety disorders. (3.4)
  14. Define the following: substance abuse, substance dependence, physical dependence, withdrawal, and tolerance. (4.1)
  15. Identify major categories of drugs of abuse, including effects and symptoms of withdrawal. (4.2)
  16. Explain the disease concept of dependence (addiction), including physiologic processes of reinforcement and neuro-adaptation. (4.3)
  17. Recognize key characteristics of Stages 1, 2, and 3 alcoholism/ substance dependence. (4.4)
  18. Identify long-term health and/psychosocial consequences of substance dependence. (4.5)
  19. Apply the nursing process to the care of patients with substance-related disorders including relapse prevention. (4.6)
  20. dual diagnosis
  21. tautology
  22. culturally competent care
  23. medication adherence
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