Lesson 1 Prefixes & Suffixes

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  1. a- (an- before a vowel or h)
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: hypertroph-y, microcephal-y
  2. anti- (ant- often before a vowel or h; hyphenated before i)
    • against, opposed to, preventing, relieving
    • ex: anti-biotic, ant-acid
  3. di- (rarely dis-)
    • two, twice, double
    • ex: di-phonia, di-plegia
  4. dys-
    • difficult, painful, defective, abnormal
    • ex: dys-pnea, dys-trophy
  5. ec- (ex- before a vowel)
    • out of away from
    • ex: excrete, exhale
  6. ecto- (ect- often before a vowel)
    • outside of
    • ex: ecto-derm
  7. en- (em- before b, m, and p)
    • in, into, within
    • ex: en-cephalitis, em-bolism
  8. endo-, ento- (end-, ent- before a vowel)
    • within
    • ex: endo-genous, endo-cardium
  9. epi- (ep- before a vowel or h)
    • upon, over, above
    • ex: epi-dermis; epi-caridum
  10. exo-
    • outside, from the outside, toward the outside
    • ex: exo-crine
  11. hemi-
    • half, partial; (often) one side of the body
    • ex: hemi-cardia; hemi-plegia
  12. hyper-
    • over, above, excessive, beyond normal
    • ex: hyper-glycemia
  13. mono- (mon- before a vowel or h)
    • one, single
    • ex: mon-ocular
  14. peri-
    • around, surrounding
    • ex: peri-cardiac
  15. syn- (sym- before h, p, and m; the n assimilates or is dropped before s)
    • together, with, joined
    • ex: syn-apse; sym-pathy
  16. -a
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: dyspne-a, erythroderm-a
  17. -ac (rare)
    • forms adjectives: pertaining to, located in
    • ex: celi-ac, cardi-ac
  18. -ia
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: anem-ia; pneumon-ia
  19. -iac (rare)
    • forms nouns: person afflicted with
    • ex: insomn-iac; man-iac
  20. -iasis:
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: hypertroph-y, microcephal-y
  21. -ic
    • forms adjectives: pertaining to , located in.  Words ending in -ic can be nouns or adj.  Nouns usually indicate a drug/agent
    • ex: analgesic, toxic
  22. -in, -ine
    • form names of substances
    • ex: adrenal-in, epinephr-ine
  23. -ist
    • forms nouns: a persona interested in
    • ex: cardiolog-ist, hematolog-ist
  24. -itic
    • forms adjectives: pertaining to (inflammation).  Words ending in -itic can be adj or nouns and signal a drug/agent
    • ex: arthr-itic, antineur-itic
  25. -itis
    • forms nouns: indicating an inflamed condition (inflammation)
    • ex: laryng-itis, hepat-itis
  26. -itides
    • plural form for words ending in -itis
    • ex: arthr-itides, dermat-itides
  27. -ium (rarely -eum)
    • forms nouns: membrane, connective tissue
    • ex: pericard-ium, periton-eum
    • ex: epigastr-ium, hypochondr-ium (regions of the body, sometimes)
  28. -ma
    • forms nouns: (often) abnormal or diseased condition.  Combining form is -mat-; also, final -a can be dropped off of the noun
    • ex: ede-ma, trau-mat-ic, phleg-m
  29. -osis
    • forms nouns: abnormal or diseased condition
    • ex: neur-osis, scler-osis
  30. -otic
    • forms adjectrives from nouns ending in -osis: pertaining to
    • ex: neur-otic, scler-otic
  31. -sia
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: amne-sia, dyspha-sia
  32. -sis
    • forms abstract nouns:  state, condition
    • ex: paraly-sis
  33. -tic
    • forms adjectives from nouns ending in -sis: pertaining to. Words ending in -tic can also be nouns indicating a drug/agent
    • ex: paraly-tic, antisep-tic
    • ex: arthritic (person suffering from a certain disability or condition)
  34. -y
    • forms abstract nouns: state, condition
    • ex: hypertroph-y
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