drugs that affect the skin & mucous membranes

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  1. soothing substance: emollients
    • fatty or oily substancces applied to soothe the skin or mucous membranes.
    • petrolatum, rosewater oinment, lanolin
  2. soothing substance: demulcents
    protective agents used primarily to alleviate irritation, particularly of mucous membranes and abraded tissue.
  3. astringents
    • precipitate protein but ordinarily do not penetrate beyond cell surfaces, so the cell remains viable. 
    • salts of aluminum, zinc, alcohols
  4. irritants
    • produce irritation:
    • counter irritants-used to irritate in broken skin to relieve deep pain in muscles joints and bruises
    • rubefacients-produce local vasodilation,redness, and a feeling of warmth 
    • vesicants-cause strong irritation; blisters may be produced if used in high concentration or long periods.
  5. keratolytics
    • cause sloughing of hardened epithelium. used to cauterize ulcers and to destroy excess tissue such as calluses and warts. 
    • benzoic and salicylic acids, resorinol, lactic acid
  6. local anesthetics
    • substances that cause a loss of sensation. applied directly or injected
    • benzocaine - throat lozenges and topical preparations
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