Food Chain NB14

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  1. What is a Browser?
    An herbivore that eats plants other than grasses like bush leaves, wildflowers, tree leaves, and stems.

    • Examples:
    • Beavers
  2. What is a Carnivore:
    meat eater.

    • Examples:
    • owls
    • wolves
  3. What is Carrion?
    Carrion is the bodies of dead animals, usually in the process of decay; not "fresh" meat.
  4. Describe Competition:
    When two or more organisms need the same resource. May be with animals of it's own kind (species) or with other species.

    Example: Owls and Barn cats both eat mice. They are in competition for each other for the same food source. 

    • Examples of resources they might compete for:
    • food
    • water
    • habitat
    • sun
  5. What is Compost?
    Image UploadDecomposing plant material.
  6. Describe a Consumer?
    A consumer uses the producer (a green plant) for its food; it may in turn be used as food by a secondary consumer.

    • All animals are consumers.  
    • Almost all plants are producers.

    • Examples of primary consumers (herbivores):
    • cows
    • mice
    • deer

    • Examples of secondary consumers (carnivores):
    • wolves
    • mountain lions
    • feral cats
  7. What is a decomposer?
    Image UploadA plant or animal (bacteria or fungi) which feed on dead material and converts it into inorganic materials (water, carbon dioxide, soil).
  8. What is the food chain?
    • Image Upload
    • The transfer of food energy from one organism to another.

    Example: a green leaf plant-->a leaf eating insect (caterpillar)-->insect eating bird
  9. What is the food web?
    • an interlocking pattern of food chains that exists in an ecosystem.
    • Image Upload
  10. What is a fungus?
    A living organism that lack chlorophyll; considered a decomposer.

    • Examples:
    •  molds
    • rusts
    • mildews
    • smuts
    • mushrooms
    • yeasts
  11. Define Graze:
    To feed on growing grass.

    • Examples of grazers:
    • deer
    • cows
  12. Herbivore:
    A plant eater.

    • Examples:
    • Deer
    • Cows
  13. What is an Omnivore?
    An animal that eats both plants and animals.
  14. What is a Parasite:
    An organism that benefits from another organism, doing harm to the organism from which it derives benefit.

    The best example is a flea on a dog.  It lives on dog, get food from biting the dog and causes the dog harm by causing it itching, rashes and hair loss.

    • Examples:
    • leaches
    • mistletoe
    • fleas
  15. What is a Predator?
    an animal who kills and eats other animals.

    • Examples:
    • wolves
    • hawks
    • owls
    • snakes
  16. What is Prey?
    Animals that are killed and eaten by other animals.

    • Examples:
    • mice
    • rabbits
    • birds
  17. What are Producers?
    Green plants that make food (e.g. sugar) out of simple organic substances (carbon dioxide, sunlight, water)
  18. What is a Raptor?
    Birds that are predatory, preying upon other animals.

    • Examples:
    • Eagles
    • Hawks
    • Owls
  19. What is a Saprophyte?
    an organism that gets its food by absorbing the products of decomposition (decaing organic mater).

    • Examples:
    • mushrooms
    • Image Upload
  20. What is a Scavenger?
    An organism that habitually eats carrion (dead animals).

    • Examples:
    • Coyotes and magpies are part-time scavengers;
    • a vulture is a full-time
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