Integration Management

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  1. Name management plans that do not have a knowledge area.
    • -Change management plan
    • -Configuration management plan
    • -Requirement management plan
    • -Process improvement plan
  2. Deviations from baseline are often due to:
    incomplete risk management


    risk management
  3. Monitoring and controlling means measuring against the:
    Project management plan
  4. On a high level basis, what is the process for making changes?
    • -Evaluate the impact
    • -Identify options
    • -Get the change request approved      internally
    • -Get customers buy-in (if required)
  5. What is the detailed process for making changes?
    • 1. prevent the root causes of change
    • 2. identify change
    • 3. look at the impact of the change in    the knowledge area
    • 4. create a change request
    • 5. perform integrated change control
    • 6. manage stakeholder's expectations
    • 7. manage project to revised PM plan
  6. What do you need to know or have before you initiate a project?
    • The business case
    • The product description or project scope statement
    • How the project fits into company's strategic plan
    • A list of likely stakeholders
  7. List the Economic Models for Project Selection:
    • Present value
    • Net present value
    • Internal rate of return
    • Payback period
    • Cost-benefit analysis
  8. A benefit cost ratio of greater than 1 means_________.
    the benefits are greater than the costs.
  9. Opportunity cost is?
    The value of the project NOT selected.

    Ex: Project A has a NPV of $45,000. Project B has a NPV of $85,000. The opportunity cost of selecting project A is $85,000.
  10. Define Project Statement of Work (SOW):
    is created by the customer/sponser and describes:

    • needs
    • product scope
    • how the project fits into the organizations plan
  11. What is Corrective Action:
    • Any action taken to bring expected future project performance in line with project management plan.
    • Deals with ACTUAL deviations.
  12. What is Prevention Action?
    Dealing with ANTICIPATED/POSSIBLE deviations.
  13. Examples of preventive actions:
    • adjusting the project to prevent the same problem from occurring again later in the project
    • changing a resource because the resource's last activity nearly failed to meet its acceptance criteria
    • arranging for team members to gain training in a certain area because there is no one with the necessary skills to back up a team member who may unexpectedly get sick
  14. Describe Defect Repair:
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