Scope Management

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  1. Tasks vs Activity
    Tasks are smaller components of work that make up an activity. An activity is a particular piece of work scheduled for the project.
  2. Name important factors of a WBS.
    • -Is a graphical picture of the hierarchy of the project
    • -Identifies all the deliverables to be completed
    • Is the foundation on which the project is built
    • Is very important
    • Should exist for every project
    • Forces you to think through all aspects of the projects
    • Can be reused on other projects
    • Does NOT show dependencies
  3. WBS vs Decomposition
    Decomposition is what you are doing and the WBS is the means to do it.

    You can decompose a project using a WBS.

    Deconstruction and decomposition are synonyms.
  4. What does the validate scope process involve?
    Frequent planned meetings with the customer, or sponsor to gain formal acceptance of the deliverables during project monitoring and controlling.
  5. What are some misconceptions regarding the Validate Scope process?
    • It can be done at the end of each project phase in the project life cycle
    • You validate the scope with the customer multiple times in one project
  6. Validate Scope vs Close Project or Phase
    The validate scope process results in formal acceptance by the customer of interim deliverables, where as the close project or phase process is to get final acceptance or sign off of the project or phase as a whole
  7. Validate Scope vs Control Quality
    Validate Scope is concerned with the acceptance of the deliverables, where Control Quality is concerned with the correctness of the deliverables. Control Quality is normally performed before Validate Scope but they can be performed in parallel.
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