BET week one

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  1. law of charges
    opposite charges attract, and like charges repel
  2. material that has less than ____ electrons is a good conductor
  3. an element cannot be chemically _____
  4. a material that readily allows the flow of electrical current
  5. one of three principle parts of the atom; has a negative charge
  6. any material that resists the flow of electrical current
  7. the basic building blocks of the universe
  8. the lines of force that exist around the particles of the atom can never
  9. an atom of specific type
    an element
  10. the outer shell of an atom
  11. the positively charged mass within the center of an atom
    the nucleus
  12. one of three principals parts of the atom; has no charge
  13. an electron is about _____ times larger than a proton
  14. a good insulator material would be
  15. define centrifugal force
    a spinning object will pull away from its center point and that the faster it spins, the greater the centrifugal force becomes
  16. electron orbits are often referred to as
  17. material with ___ electrons would be a good insulator
    7 or 8
  18. the electron theory of current flow states that
    electrons are negative particles and current flows from the most negative point in a complete circuit to the most positive point
  19. three materials that will become magnetized when an electrical current is applied to them
    iron, nickel, cobalt
  20. if an atomic particle, such as an electron, has a negative charge do the lines of force come into them or out from them?
  21. which end of a magnet repels electrons
  22. the atom is the smallest part of an
  23. what is magnetic induction
    an induced current to a conductor brought into a separate conductor's magnetic field when there is current flow
  24. intensity of the magnetic field around power lines varies based on the ______ and the ______ flow of the circuit
    voltage; current
  25. coiling a conductor and putting an iron core in the coil (such as in a transformer or electromagnet) will concentrate the
    magnetic lines of flux
  26. what is required to create static electricity
  27. what is voltage
    electromotive force or pressure
  28. on what main principle do transformers work
    magnetic induction
  29. how do transformers work
    when current flows through a conductor, a magnetic field is created around that conductor
  30. induction only works with _______ current
  31. 2 main materials needed to make a simple generator
    magnet; coils of wire
  32. what is the electron theory of current flow
    electricity flows from the most negative point to the most positive point
  33. magnetic fields around power lines vary in intensity based on
    voltage and current flow
  34. current is produced in a conductor, when the conductor is passed through or moved through the
    magnetic field
  35. alternating current can be produced in a conductor by a
    rotating magnetic field
  36. a simple generator consists of
    magnets and coils of wire
  37. the word static means
    not moving
  38. the fact that electricity flows from the most negative point to the most positive point is stated by
    electron theory of current flow
  39. an Italian physicist and pioneer in the study of electricity
    alessandro volt
  40. the electric pressure, or electromotive force is called
  41. four things that voltage affects
    the amount of insulation needed for a given power line; the separation between line conductors; safe working practices; types of tools needed to work on lines
  42. voltage is always measured between
    two points
  43. what are the typical distribution voltages
    • 7,000/12,470
    • 7,600/13,200
    • 12,000/20,800
    • 19,900/34,500
  44. why are voltages written as two values
    both line to line and line to neutral voltages are taken
  45. why are transmission voltages written as one value
    they do not carry a neutral conductor
  46. a French physicist who demonstrated that electric currents produce magnetic fields
    Andre Ampere
  47. a quantity measurement of electrons is called a
  48. one coulomb per second is
    one amp
  49. a clamp on ammeter can be used to determine the amount of
    amps/ current flow
  50. why is amperage important
    wires are rated for a given amount of current flow
  51. if the amperage rating of a wire is exceeded, what happens to the wire
    overheats and can melt
  52. current is a chain reaction of what
    electrons striking one another
  53. a German physicist whose works produced the _____ ___
    Georg Ohm; Ohm's law
  54. An Ohm is the unit of
  55. the inventor of the steam engine
    James Watt
  56. watt hour meter in homes measure ______ and _______ over time and convert these readings into _____ ___ _____ ____
    voltage and amperage; kilo watt hours used
  57. watt related the power of a steam engine to that of a
  58. one _______ is equivalent to 746 watts
  59. 4 principle parts of atom
    proton; neutron; electron; nucleus
  60. proton charge, lines extend
    positive; outward
  61. neutron charge
    no charge
  62. electron charge, lines extend
    negative charge; inward
  63. nucleus charge
    net charge
  64. why do neutrons exist, because
    to hold the atom together; because proton will attempt to push away from each other if left alone
  65. Law of charges states
    opposite charges attract; like charges repel
  66. 2 characteristics of lines of force
    never cross; and they do not move
  67. law of centrifugal force
    a spinning object will pull away from its center point the faster it spins, the greater the centrifugal force becomes
  68. maximum number of electrons in a valence shell is
  69. 1 to 3 electrons in a valence shell makes a
    good conductor
  70. 4 to 6 electrons in a valence shell makes a good
    semi conductive material
  71. 7 or 8 electrons in the valence shell makes a good
  72. repels each other and never crosses
    lines of flux
  73. what is magnetic induction
    when current is produced in a conductor from it being passed through a magnetic field
  74. what is the best natural conductor
  75. why is magnetic induction is a major factor in electrical generation
    transformers operate on the principle of magnetic induction
  76. what does an iron core do in a transformer
    concentrate lines of flux
  77. the amount of current flow through the lineworker depends on many factors; list four
    conductivity of the pole, gloves worn, body resistance, and how well the PPG on either side are installed
  78. what two factors will determine the intensity of the electromagnetic field
    voltage and amperage
  79. static electric refers to a ______ not the flow of current
  80. electromotive force is also referred to as
    potential; voltage
  81. voltage is measured between where
    two points with of different potential
  82. define conductor
    is any material that allows current to flow with essentially no resistance
  83. define insulator
    is a non conductive material that is used to isolate electrical energy from ground
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