Hola, Que tal?

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  1. see you later
    hasta la vista
  2. see you soon
    hasta pronto
  3. what's new?
    que hay de nuevo
  4. I would like to introduce (form)
    le presento a
  5. I would like to introduce (fam.)
    te presento a
  6. this is... (masculine)
    este es...
  7. this is...(feminine)
    esta es...
  8. you're welcome
    no hay de que
  9. seeing is believing
    ver es creer
  10. silence is golden
    en boca cerrada no entran moscas
  11. that's me
    soy yo
  12. right?
  13. pardon me; excuse me (to request permission)
    con permiso
  14. pardon me; excuse me (to get someone's attention or to ask for forgiveness)
  15. all aboard
    todos a bordo
  16. have a good trip
    buen viaje
  17. listen
  18. to shake hands (with someone)
    darse la mano
  19. to give someone a hug
    darse un abrazo
  20. to give someone a kiss
    darse un beso
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Hola, Que tal?
greetings, farewells, courtesy expressions and numbers. Identify yourself and others. Tell time.
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