Quality Management

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  1. What is quality?
    The degree to which the project fulfills requirements.
  2. Name Important Quality Related PMI-ISMS:
    • The project manager should recommend improvements to the performing organization's standards, policies, and processes.
    • The project manager must spend time trying to improve quality
    • Some quality activities may be done by a quality assurance or quality department
  3. JIT
    Just In Time; forces quality by not keeping a large inventory and acquiring goods "just in time" when needed.
  4. Name the Seven Basic Quality Tools (7QC):
    • Cause and effect diagram
    • Flowchart
    • Checksheet
    • Pareto Diagram
    • Histogram
    • Control Chart
    • Scatter Diagram
  5. What is the importance of Pareto Diagrams?
    • Help focus attention on the most critical issues
    • Prioritize potential "causes" of the problems
    • Separate the critical few from the uncritical many
  6. Name the outputs of the Plan Quality Management process:
    • Quality Management Plan
    • Quality Metrics
    • Quality Checklist
    • Process Improvement Plan
    • PM Plan and project documents updates
  7. What are the outputs of the Perform Quality Assurance process:
    • Change request (recommended corrective & preventive actions and defect repairs)
    • Updated standards, processes, quality systems
    • Updated project management plan & project documents
  8. Identify the outputs of the Control Quality process.
    • Measurements
    • Validated changes
    • Work performance information
    • Updates to PM plan (quality management and process improvement plans)
    • Change request
    • Lessons learned 
    • Verified delieverables
  9. What is Marginal Analysis?
    Sometimes added attention to something such as quality does not produce added value. When added attention to quality does not produce added value. When that point is reached, you should stop trying to improve quality.
  10. What is another word for Continuous Improvement?
  11. Name the Quality Theorists:
    • Joseph Juran
    • W. Edwards Deming
    • Philip Crosby
  12. Explain Joseph Juran's quality theory:
    • He develop the 80/20 principle
    • Advocated top management involvement
    • Defined quality as "fitness for use"
  13. Explain W. Edwards Deming's quality theory
    • He developed 14 points to total quality management
    • Advocated the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle as the basis for quality improvement
  14. Explain Philip Crosby's quality theory:
    • Popularized the concept of the cost of poor quality
    • Advocated "zero defects" and prevention over inspection.
    • He believed that quality is "conformance to requirements."
  15. If you have poor quality, you might also have:
    • Increased cost
    • Decreased profits
    • Low morale
    • Low customer satisfaction
    • Increased risk
    • Rework
    • Schedule delays
  16. A cause and effect diagram (Fishbone, Ishikawa) can help you ____________.
    fix a defect and get to the root cause of the defect.
  17. A PM can create ___________ to look backward at what may have contributed to quality problems on the project.
    Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone, Ishikawa)
  18. Scatter Diagram (Correlation Chart) is used to:
    track two variables to determine their relationship.
  19. What is benchmarking?
    This technique involves looking at other projects to get ideas for improvement on the current project and to provide a basis (or benchmark) to use in measuring quality performance.
  20. What is Design of Experiments (DOE)?
    This technique uses experimentation to determine what variables will improve quality.
  21. What is Mutual Exclusivity?
    When 2 events cannot occur in a single trial.

    Ex: Flipping a coin once cannot result in both head and tail.
  22. The probability of one event occurring does not effect the probability of another event occurring is _________.
    Statistical Independence.
  23. A Pareto Diagram is a type of _________.
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