"the helping professions"

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  1. mental illness/mental disorder
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  2. mental health
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  3. melancholy
    an abnormal mental condition or mood of excessive sadness
  4. mood
    a state of mind or feeling that colors one's thoughts
  5. neurosis
    a mild mental disorder characterized by excessive anxiety, depression and compulsive behavior (Freud)
  6. hysteria
    a neurosis characterized by excessive and uncontrollable fear, grief or other strong emotions
  7. neurasthenia
    a mental condition marked by fatigue, loss of energy and memory, and feelings of inadequacy, thought to result from exhaustion of the nervous system (aka nervous breakdown)
  8. anorexia
    a mental disorder involving self-starvation
  9. bulimia
    a mental disorder involving compulsive, deliberate vomitting
  10. psychosis
    a mental disorder characterized by delusions and withdrawal from reality
  11. schizophrenia
    severe psychosis, or mental withdrawal from reality and highly variable emotional states
  12. paranoia
    an irrational fear that others have hostile intentions toward one
  13. post-traumatic stress disorder
    an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts and dreams about a terrible event, and great anxiety when one is reminded of the event
  14. trauma
    a distressing experience from a disastrous event (aka psychological shock)
  15. traumatologist
    an expert in dewing with people who have been exposed to distressing events
  16. distress
    acute anxiety, pain or sorrow
  17. phobia
    an irrational fear
  18. delusion
    a false belief that is resistant to reason or fact
  19. anxiety
    a vague fear of what's going to happen, or an intense fear or dread with no clear cause
  20. depression
    a mood of prolonged sadness
  21. DSM
    the American Bible of mental illness (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
  22. pathology
    the study of physical or mental disease, its causes, processes, development, and consequences
  23. to pathologize
    to classify a mental or physical condition as  disease or "disorder"
  24. to medicalize
    to classify a mental or physical condition as needing medical attention and drugs
  25. psychosomatic illness
    an illness involving both the mind and the body
  26. "symptom pool"
    an officially approved behavior that shapes how people behave when experiencing internal conflicts and stresses
  27. iatrogneic
    caused by medical treatment, said especially of symptoms, ailments or disorders induced by treatment
  28. unconscious
    thoughts or mental processes one is not aware of
  29. epidemiology
    the study of epidemics and epidemic diseases
  30. stigma
    a mark or trait that is characteristic of a disease or defect
  31. to stigmatize
    to characterize or brand as disgraceful
  32. debriefing
    a therapy technique that gets a patient to talk about and therefore think through a horrible event she or he has lived through
  33. to inhibit
    to block or to stop
  34. affluenza
    a mental disorder caused by bad child-rearing in a rich family
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