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  1. Composition of renal stones post terminal ileum resection?
    calcium oxalate
  2. treatment of ruptured tuboovarian abscess?
    drainage and abx (no OR)
  3. Prospective study type comparing disease rate between exposed and unexposed groups?
  4. Retrospective study with those who have disease are compared to those without, and evaluate for exposure to risk factor
    Case-control study
  5. Biggest risk predictor of postoperative cardiac complication?
    Uncompensated CHF
  6. Nerve injury associated with Frey Syndrome?
    Auriculotemporal nerve
  7. Mineral deficiency associated with periorbital rash and neuritis?
  8. Anatomical site of effect of motilin?
    Upper small intestine
  9. Origin of internal mammary artery?
  10. Watershed areas of the colon arterial supply?
    Splenic flexure and sigmoid
  11. 3 structures in hepatoduodenal ligament R to L?
    • CBD         hepatic artery       (mickey mouse)
    •     portal vein
  12. Junction of the 3rd and 4th portion of duo?
  13. Arterial supply to head of pancreas?
    Pancreaticoduodenal arteries
  14. Initial tx of hypercalcemia?
    lasix (loose calcium) and IV fluids
  15. Origin of most common left hepatic artery variant?
    left gastric artery
  16. Wound classification of tracheal resection?
    clean contaminated
  17. Most effective procedure to reduce ventilator associate pneumonia?
    HOB elevate 30 degress
  18. Most common organism of human bite?
    Staph aureus+
  19. Treatment of hemophilia prior to OR?
    Factor 8
  20. Mgmt of urinary retention post hemorroidectomy?
    Foley catheter
  21. Genetic mutation associated with familial hx of cecal cancer?
  22. Treatment of CO2 embolus during laparoscopy?
    Stop insufflation
  23. Mineral deficiency associated with pellagra?
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