HA Review

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  1. H. What would startup order in an HA cluster that has the following VMs
    o 1. FT Vms
    o 2. VMs with high priority restart priority
    o 3. VMs that performs a specific non-essential functions for the infrastructure.
    o 4. VMs with low priority restart priority
    o 5. Vms with medium priority
    • The restart priority will be:
    • a. Agent VMs (#3) such as vShield Ege
    • b. FT VMs (#1)
    • c. High priority (#2)
    • d. Medium priority (#3)
    • e. Lower piroity (#4)
  2. What variables would I select if I wanted to configure the default slot size? (select two)
    o das.vmcpuminmhz
    o das.vmmemoryminMB
    o das.slotCpuInMhz
    o das.slotmemInMb
    • The variables that are definied by default for slot size are:
    • das.vmcpuminmhz
    • das.vmmemoryminMB
    • Both are set at 256 (Mhz / MB) by default.
    • To change them you would select:
    • das.slotCpuInMhz
    • das.slotMemoryInMB
  3. A host fails in an HA cluster, how many seconds should I wait before panicking?
    o 5
    o 10
    o 15
    o 20
    15 seconds
  4. What is the file format for HA heartbeat
    • . VMware creates heartbeats files of the format HOSTNAME-XX-hb for NFS.
    • For VMFS it uses the VMFS heartbeat region
  5. What two conditions cause a host failover in HA cluster?
    Two conditions are needed to cause host to be declaered isolated – not receiving networking heatbeat and the host cannot ping its isolation address.
  6. How many datastores are selected by default?
    Two datastore are selected by default
  7. You can setup DRS to failover to a specific host. What two features of DRS are then not available with this option? Select two
    o Affinity rules determining the relationship between VMs and Hosts
    o Control over whether VMs run together/not on a host
    o Load balancing failover hosts
    o Ability to reserve resources for failover
    o Fault tolerance on recovery.
    • A. The two features that you give up with specifying failover host are:
    • Control over whether VMs run together/not on a host and Load balancing failover hosts. The third, ability to resources is implicit in the term.
  8. What is vcenter Server heatbeat used for?
    To protect against vCenter Server failure; vSphere HA will protect again hardware/os failure.
  9. How many hosts per cluster?
  10. How many VMs per cluster?
  11. If I have 256 VMs on one host in an HA cluster and I have 200 on another host in the same cluster, how many can I have on third host?
    Up to 512 VMs/host regardless of the number of hosts/cluser
  12. D. -VMs per host?
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