Pythagorean Theorem Review

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  1. 14.6 Pythagorean Theorem
    1) What triangle is used for the theorem?
    2) Define the parts of this triangle
    • 1) The theorem deals with the applications of Right triangle
    • 2) Hypotenuse - longest side of the triangle
    • Other two sides are called legs
    • One right angle is present
  2. State the Phythagorean Theorem
    • In any right triangle, if a and b are the lengths of the legs and c is the length of the hypotenuse then
    • a2 + b2 = c2
    • This is called the Pythagorean equation
  3. State the steps used to solve word problems involving the Pythagorean theorem
    • 1) read the problem and familarize yourself - visualize and draw the right triangle
    • 2) translate this to the pythagorean theorem
    • 3) solve the equation - remembering to deal with the square - take sqaure root to solve for base number
    • 4) check your solution by plugging it into the equation
  4. Solve the word problem
    Dimensions of a softball Diamond
    A womens fast pitch softball diamond is actually a square 60ft on a side. How far is it from home plate to second base?
    Give an exact answer and an approximation to three decimal places.
    • 1) Familarize your self - Make a drawing. Note that the first and second baselines, together with a line from home to second,
    • form a right triangle. Label the unknown distance d
    • 2) translate - use pythagorean equation
    • a2 + b2 = c2
    • 602 + 602 =d2
    • 3) solve the equation
    • 3600+3600= d2
    • 7200 = d2
    • 4) Check - check calculations using the pythagorean equation:
    • 602 + 602 = 7200 and (84.853)2 = 7200

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