Chapter 19

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  1. anorexia
    The loss of appetite
  2. aspiration
    Breathing fluid, food, vomitus, or an object into the lungs
  3. calorie
    The amount of energy produced when the body burns food
  4. dehydration
    A decrease in the amount of water in body tissues
  5. dysphagia
    Difficulty (dys) swallowing (phagia)
  6. edema
    The swelling of body tissues with water
  7. enteral nutrition
    Giving nutrients into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract (enteral) through a feeding tube
  8. flow rate
    The number of drops per minute
  9. gavage
    The process of giving a tube feeding
  10. intravenous (IV) therapy
    Giving fluids through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein; IV and IV infusion
  11. nutrition
    The processes involved in the ingestion, digestion, absorption, and use of foods and fluids by the body
  12. regurgitation
    The backward flow of stomach contents into the mouth
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